Daniel and Megan Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Excited About the New YearWe are excited for the new year of 2024. Thank you to all who supported us in 2023. We look back and are thankful for all the friendships made, the lessons learned, the blessings, and so much more. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us this year.

I was able to lead Edgar to the Lord while soul winning at the border in Texas. He was very attentive to the Gospel and was very respectful! It’s always encouraging to find people who are actively searching for the Lord. I’m thankful for the divine appointment we had.

On another occasion, we were in a neighborhood where all of the driveways were fenced in, so it was really hard to knock on the doors. Many times, we just couldn’t do much knocking. At the very last house, I just stood in front of the house for a few minutes, hoping someone would see us. When we started walking away, Armando walked out and called us back. He listened to the Gospel and got saved. When we were done, he told us he walked out because he didn’t want to miss what God had for him! I’m so thankful he listened to the Holy Spirit. We will see him again in Heaven one day!

To end our prayer letter, we also have some exciting news we would love to share. We are expecting our third baby in April, and we are all beyond excited. We do not know what the gender of the baby is, but we ask you to pray that we have a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

For His glory,

Daniel Gonzalez