Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: "What Can Your God Do for My Son?"Imagine for a moment that you are a Muslim woman caring for two children in Afghanistan. One of these children is severely handicapped. Your husband goes to the Mosque dutifully on a Friday for prayer, and that husband is blown to bits, along with several others, by an Islamic State suicide bomber. This is precisely what happened recently in a major Afghani city.

This is where horrific tragedy can meet spiritual opportunity, as we request your prayers for a woman I will call “Parwan.” She is real, and one of our men is trying to help her family. Twice, she has listened to the Gospel. She says she is willing to hear more. Th____s took this photo of “Parwan,” her handicapped boy “Hameed,” and his little brother. She is completely overwhelmed and paralyzed at the prospect of a hopeless future. Th___s took the boy to a local clinic, and they are clueless about his condition. I am hopeful that we can send some funds to help her. Would you pray for this family? Imagine how her faith would ignite if she saw answers to prayer from the ONE true God!


While in Alabama for a Missions Conference at C____________ Baptist Church, my wife and I met two women named C___ and K___, who served many years in the central part of Morocco. We had much to talk about, as we shared experiences from this wonderful country. As the Lord allows, I plan to journey back to Morocco to help believers (and seekers) in this earthquake-ravaged country. Please pray for God’s provision and for divine appointments as I plan this vital trip.

Souls Saved

Whether Muslim or not, J___ and I strive to be ready to serve those we meet in His service. T___ R___ and J___ are two teenage brothers in Alabama who answered their door last Saturday and “leaned in” as I presented the Gospel. Please pray for them as Crossroads Baptist Church follows up with them for discipleship.

B___ Baptized!

I told you about B___ last month. This young lady has stayed faithful, requesting baptism. Shortly thereafter, she joined our home church. What a delight it is to see her grow! Please pray for her, as the Devil will predictably fight to stunt her spiritual growth.

Missionary #6505