Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  For the LORD Giveth Wisdom“For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.” (Proverbs 2:6)

May the Lord bless you and your church this summer as you serve Him. We thank you for your prayers, and we pray for you and/or your church throughout the month. This month we had great meetings in California and enjoyed making friends, helping others, and learning from the multiple ministries and pastors. Thank you also to the many churches who will be having us in over the coming months. We’ll be excited to see you.

Some Recent Blessings

Our kids will be 33% completed with their school year before the end of August. This will allow for grace during upcoming conference weeks in the fall and spring. Sarah’s dilapidated phone was stolen at a gas station; as I went to change our passwords using my phone, the email with our monthly support came through. It contained an extra gift, enough to replace the phone that was just stolen. Amen! My longtime friend Tim and I were able to reconnect this month. God used Tim to bring me to Victory Baptist Church over 14 years ago, where I received reassurance of salvation. Tim and his family are doing fantastic as they serve the Lord.

We have been blessed during each meeting and service. The Lord certainly is responsible for every success made. The more we learn and follow, the better our lives seem to be from both a blessing perspective and a peace, joy, and contentment perspective. Please continue to pray for our safety and our return to Thailand. There are so many Thai people ready to hear the Gospel.

Sarah and I were able to lead 5 people to the Lord this month. On a hot Saturday morning in Delano, California, 30-year-old Gabriel was led to the Lord. Gabriel said he was familiar with the Bible, had attended church off and on, and certainly had “prayed” many times. We had discussions directly relating to salvation and specifically towards making 100% sure, by grace through faith, that Gabriel would go to Heaven when he died. He was so happy, and we both felt it was divine timing. Gabriel can live his life with hope and optimism and service to God now knowing of His most incredible free gift. While visiting with Richard, a new friend from Anaheim, California, Richard led Juvenal, age 68, to the Lord in Buena Park, California. A short time later, I led a teenager named Marlene to Christ. Sarah and the girls saw Mario, Jesus, and George trust in Jesus.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family