Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: Youth Camp and Youth ConferenceDuring January, we had our annual Youth Camp. This year, we had a record attendance of 120 teens going to a campsite up in the mountains. The church rented two buses to take the teens to the camp site. All the teens camped out in tents. The place that we rented had one building with a roof but no walls. They had another area with a roof and an electrical outlet, which we used for a kitchen. We brought from the church a deep freeze, food, benches, mattresses, food, a PA system, and sports equipment for activities. It was a good week with the teens. Over 50 surrendered their lives for full-time Christian service. Praise the Lord!

During the second week of February, we had a youth event, an “Our Time” Youth Conference. A group of pastors from Mexico came to preach and organize the event; this was a group from Pastor Kevin Wynne’s church in Mexico. This event packed out our church to capacity, with back-to-back preaching for three days. On the last day, we had an evangelistic push to fill the church with first-time visitors. The church was packed out to way beyond its capacity with 160 first-time visitors. Of these visitors, 93 responded to the invitation to get saved. I baptized 15 that night who were ready to get baptized. Praise the Lord!

Our son Benjamin was here for 2½ months helping our church with the PA and building a multipurpose room with air conditioning for our Bible college. During the second week of February, Benjamin left to go to Posadas, Argentina, to start a new church. We are super excited for him as he gets ready to start this new church. Please pray for Benjamin!

The inflation here in Argentina has been very high. We are averaging over 10% inflation per month. Prices of everything are going up on a weekly basis. Inflation is not new to Argentina, since it has been a problem for all the years we have lived here. Last year may have been the highest that I have seen since it hit a year rate of 133%. Thankfully, the U.S. dollar value has increased some, so it has not hit us hard, but the average Argentinian is suffering a lot more. We continue to “Go Forward, By Faith.”

Thank you for your love and support! May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family