Brian George Prayer Letter:  A Compassion for SoulsOn March 4, Bethel Church had the biggest party in its history. Pastor Missionary Larry Owens turned 60 years old. This birthday party was a complete surprise to Pastor Owens. We promoted the event via text messages, flyers, and Facebook to all the church members. The ladies of the church made pizza, and the men of the church raised the money to pay for the expenses of the party. On the given Sunday, Pastor Owens showed up to a decorated church full of people excited for the occasion. Joshua Owens made a video of the life of Pastor Owens, and the teenagers put on a funny skit on how Pastor Owens met his wife. Pastors from all over Argentina and other countries sent birthday greetings via video clips. The people of the church showered him with gifts and a lot of love. I’m proud of our people and their expressions of love. This was a blessing and encouragement to me. The church was packed out, with over 380 in attendance.

My wife and I went soul winning on a Monday evening. We visited the very humble house of a family who lived over some abandoned railroad tracks next to an old bridge. We led a mother, daughter, and brother to Christ. They are coming to church. I praise the Lord for my wife, who loves souls and has compassion for others.

On the 27th of March, our Bible college opened for its 16th year of classes. We have over 30 students. In addition to having students from all over Argentina, we have students from Bolivia, Paraguay, and Chile. This is the future of reaching Argentina for Christ. Pray for me as I teach classes in the Bible college and work one on one with the students.

Thank you for your prayers and support! May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family