Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Hundreds Attend Easter Camp Meeting

Pastor Jonas and Mrs. Dorcas Osei Owusu

Pastor and Mrs. Jonas Osei Owusu

Convert Now Teaching Sunday School

“A few years ago, I met Isaac Appiah Kubi while I was out soul winning. I sat down with him in his house and shared the Gospel with him and several of his friends. Isaac soon started coming to my church. After about a month, his brother Abraham started coming as well. Now Isaac is one of the Sunday school teachers in our church, and his brother Abraham is also a great help to the church.

“In March of this year, we started a Bible study on Tuesday evenings in Kuntenase. The first attendance was 10 members, but now it has gone up to 23. We have been teaching on salvation.”  —Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu, Kuntenase, Ghana

Pastor Collins Agyei with several church members

Pastor Collins Agyei

Easter Program

“By the grace of God, this year Easter was celebrated by the Fundamental Baptist Churches of Adwafo, Bekwei, Kuntenase, and Feyiase.

[These are churches which are all close to Lake Bosomtwe outside Kumasi. The Adwafo and Feyiase churches are second-generation churches, and the Bekwei and Kuntenase churches are third-generation churches.] The goal of this program was to reach our area for Christ. The theme for the camp meeting was ‘The Benefit of the Cross for the Saved and the Unsaved.’

“The senior pastor of Fundamental Baptist Church of Boyhen, Pastor Speer, was our guest speaker. The preaching of the cross was challenging to the saved and the unsaved alike. About 500 total attended the program, and about 40 visitors realized their need for salvation. The church in Kuntenase has been following up on these 40.”  —Pastor Collins Agyei, Adwafo and Bekwei, Ghana

Pastor David Pentsil and Family

Pastor David Pentsil and Family

Loving the Word and Work of God

“I met Appiah, Nana Osei, Akwesi, and Bismark as they were sitting in front of their house at Esreso. I preached to them, and they trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Appiah and Akwesi came to church the next day, and they have been coming now every Sunday.

“Brother Moses is growing in the Lord. He loves the Word and work of God. He often goes soul winning with me, and he is now teaching the Sunday school children.

“Two of my children, Emmanuel and Bernard, were able to bring one soul each to the church recently.”  —Pastor David Pentsil, Feyiase, Ghana

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