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I preached a message recently in our church here in Kumasi in which I challenged our people concerning the vision I have for our ministry here. I asked them to do three things in order to make the vision a reality:

Pray – I challenged them to pray with me for our vision.
Grow – I challenged them to grow spiritually so that we could be mature enough to handle the vision.
Invest – I challenged them to fully invest themselves in the church so that our vision could become a reality. This includes giving of tithes and offerings and giving of their talents and labor.

Here are some of ministries that I believe our church needs to start here in Kumasi:

School – We could reach out to hundreds of young people.
Orphanage – My heart breaks for the many children who need the love and guidance that this kind of ministry could give them. This requires a loving couple willing to devote their lives to needy children. My prayer is that someone in our church will rise up to meet this need.
Medical Clinic – This type of ministry would open doors for us and would have a huge impact on our acceptance in the community. This ministry requires medical personnel willing to serve God in this capacity.
Printing Ministry – This ministry would allow us to influence many other churches with sound doctrine.
Radio Ministry – This ministry would be of great use in spreading the Gospel and the influence of all of our ministries.

Please pray with us that we can accomplish what God has for us here in Ghana.

Dr. Ted Speer