Back in the middle of this year, a young man named Lek was led to Christ on a Saturday afternoon by Anna Bosje and Khun Da. The next day Lek came to church and the two Sundays after that as well. After the evening service on that third Sunday, Lek was involved in a severe auto accident on his way home from church. He was taken to the local hospital in a coma, and two days later Lek was in Heaven.Lek was a member of the Karen Tribe. He was born in Burma and had moved to Thailand just a few months before his death. With the help of some of the Karen people in our church, we were able to contact his family in Burma and let them know of his death. Within a few weeks, Lek’s older brother had arrived in Thailand to help resolve the situation.

The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident had an insurance policy that would pay a large sum of money to Lek’s family. Initially, the man tried to offer a much smaller settlement. Our Thai assistant pastor, Bro. Sakrapee Jomhong, is also a registered lawyer and was able to intercede on behalf of Lek’s family. Soon Lek’s other three brothers and his sister arrived. While they waited here in Hua Hin for two months, they attended every single church service. Lek’s four brothers were already Christians, and his sister was saved while she was here. When the insurance settlement arrived, they each received the equivalent of one year’s salary for a worker in Burma. The day those envelopes were handed out was a day of great rejoicing.

In gratefulness to our church, and especially to Bro. Sakrapee, Lek’s family decided to give the tithe on their settlement to our church. While we were still in the meeting, we decided that the money would be used to purchase 50 Bibles in the Karen language. Each Bible also has a Karen songbook in the back. Lek’s family was thrilled to know that their brother’s death would result in many of their people having a copy of God’s Word in their own language. We ordered the Bibles the same day, and they arrived within two weeks. We now have Bibles available in four languages: English, Thai, Burmese, and Karen. We are busy reaching people in all four of these people groups. We beg you to pray faithfully for us—in any language!