Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Journal of a JourneyIn the month of March, my family and I traveled extensively up, down, and around the beautiful state of Washington to preach and present our ministry. At one of the churches we visited, I was sent out soul winning with a sharp young man who was already called to be a missionary. He was not short of questions concerning the mission field and being a missionary. Being a hot and beautiful Saturday, it seemed like almost no one was home, but we continued praying and knocking. It was our last door before we were finished, and we had not seen anyone saved yet when we knocked on Mary Anne’s door. She was a middle-aged lady who had just arrived home. She said she was wondering about how to get to Heaven because of an accident that had recently occurred, so she was shocked that I was asking her about the same subject. “What must I do to be saved?” Very interested and attentive Mary Anne gloriously trusted Christ as her personal Saviour!

April was our busiest month yet concerning traveling. We were in conferences near Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas; Fairbanks, Alaska; back to the Seattle area; Northern Oregon; and then to Pasco, Washington. These trips included two overnight flights and thousands of miles driven in our faithful car. “Whew!” Just thinking about it is exhausting, but thank God some of the churches we visited took us on for support, which will help us to continue to fulfill God’s will.

Interestingly, during these travels I had the opportunity to preach on two different Indian reservations and work a little bit with Native American Indian people. This was a first for me, and I was able to win my first Native American Indian to the Lord! I told them that I have some Native American Indian blood in my family from the Yaki Indian Tribe, and my native name is “Pooping Bear”! They laughed so hard—I believe they laughed both in English and in Indian. Afterwards I preached the living daylights out of them, and decisions were made for the glory of God!

While visiting a church in Alaska, I had the opportunity to win a soul on a U.S. military base with a retired military man. We went on base to follow up on someone who had visited their church, but the visitor was not there, so I witnessed to the man who checked us onto the base. It was as though God put us in the perfect place at the perfect time to talk with him. As we prayed together, many more military men walked past us, but he was not ashamed. When we were leaving, he promised to visit the church and said he would “share Jesus with his wife!”

Please pray for our family’s safety as we continue to travel and raise new support. Please also pray for our church in Bolivia as it continues to advance and fulfill God’s will.

Xavier Lopez