Jerry Wyatt Jr. Prayer Letter:  Anniversary Service and Kids' DayWe’ve had a whirlwind past couple of months since our last update. Upon our return to Tanzania, we spent the first few weeks cleaning, repairing, and setting up our house again. Thank you for praying for our transition back into life in Tabora.

It was such a thrill to have Sarah travel with us during her summer break from college and then come back to Tanzania with us. Sarah was a big help with the cooking and baking. She and Timothy also went to the big open market in town to buy fruits and vegetables each week.

While Sarah was with us, we held our one-year anniversary of the covenant signing to become Faith Baptist Church of Mpera with dinner on the grounds, an open-air evangelistic ladies’ meeting at the house of a grand-mom who attends the church, and a Kids’ Day at the church. Sarah and Timothy were able to do puppets together for the open-air meeting and the Kids’ Day. The ladies’ meeting was the first one of this kind that we have had since moving to Tabora. It was held near the church, and several of the ladies walked a long way to attend. There were many ladies and even neighborhood children who came. All were very fascinated with the puppets. The following Sunday there were several visitors and many who had not attended for a while who came as a result of the two meetings. The children were encouraged to bring their parents or grandparents to church the day following Kids’ Day, and we were so excited as child after child brought their parents or grandparents up to us to introduce them to us.

The Lord also blessed the Anniversary Sunday in a very special way. Not only were close to 150 people fed physically, but we were thankful for those who trusted Christ as their own personal Saviour and for the 5 who were baptized in the afternoon service. We rejoice and thank God that people are trusting Christ as their Saviour every week, either visitors in the services—both in town and out in the village—or in the weekly Public School Ministry classes.

August 23, we started the very long trip to Morogoro and then on to the airport in Dar es Salaam so Sarah could return to college. She was a bit nervous flying by herself, but the Lord gave her a peace and a calm. She did not experience any difficulties and is all settled back in college. Thank you for praying with us for her trip. Dad, Mom, Timothy, and our dog Tasha miss her; but we are thankful she is exactly where God wants her right now.

Please pray with us that we might get water service to the church. We just found out that the church property is too far from the main line to have our own separate service line. Some top water-company officials came out with us to survey the possibility of bringing a smaller main line closer. We need to get some of our neighbors onboard to help defray the costs. We have voted as a church to begin an afternoon service with a time to have beans and rice together in between the services, and water service is necessary. We did this in Morogoro, and the time in between the services was such a blessing. It enabled folks to go soul winning, work on lessons for discipleship and Bible institute, and just fellowship with other Christians with whom they would not normally have the opportunity.

What a privilege it is as human beings to allow God to do something with our lives!