Wes Palla Prayer Letter:  Building Nearing CompletionI cannot begin to describe in sufficient detail for you all the miraculous things that God has done over the past month as we try to share the Gospel, build a building, prepare printed materials, disciple converts, and work at being the most amazing thing in the history of Brazil. Okay, I might have been a bit facetious on that last point there. But in all seriousness, what a great time we have had watching God work miracles for us! Let me get right into it.

palla1To this point, we have spent roughly US$18,000 in the building program. I don’t know about you, but to us, that is a TON of money. By God’s grace, to this point the building is debt-free. Each time that we have gotten to the point of not having the financial resources to continue the work, God has sent exactly what we needed to keep going. A simple “thank you” is not sufficient to those churches and individuals who have given sacrificially toward the building project. We are humbled by those of you who have sent special offerings. We have worked nonstop for the last six weeks and have never been held up by a lack of money—what a God! At the moment, we still have two to three weeks’ worth of work, and only one to two weeks’ worth of money. Am I nervous? You bet. But I have seen God take care of this project numerous times already, so we aren’t going to worry. It’s His money, and it’s His building, so I’ll let Him handle it however He wants.

Another powerful ministry opportunity that God gave us recently was recording 40-plus sermons in Portuguese that will be broadcast down here on TV and the internet. I am the least worthy missionary to undertake that type of project; but God opened the door, and we are praying that it will have a powerful impact in Brazil.

Would you please spend some special time in prayer for us over the next few months? I am fully confident in God’s leading and provision, but that doesn’t always make all the nerves and concerns go away. What can I say? I’m human. We still need to finish the building and get all of our materials printed. Cynthia is four to six weeks away from giving birth to baby #3. This will also necessitate getting a bigger vehicle (Brazil frowns upon putting six people in a five-passenger vehicle). We will also be inaugurating the church building. A lot of stuff is going on—a lot of needs, a lot of opportunities to see God work! He has always taken great care of us, and we have never lacked. Though there are challenges ahead, we choose to view that as another opportunity to see God advance His will and purpose in ways that only He can. Also pray for our month-long trip to the States this fall to report to some of our churches and for meetings in new churches as well. Thank you so much for praying. All the miracles that God does are answers to your prayers. So our petition to all of you is this: Keep praying!

Declaring His glory,

Wesley Palla
Psalm 96:3