Shari House Prayer Letter:  Rewarding Trip, Building Couples, and Reaching PeopleReward Trip

One of my greatest joys is teaching my Karen Single Ladies’ Sunday School Class. Each month I assign four or five memory verses that reinforce the topic I am teaching on that month. Twice a year we have a large activity on a Sunday afternoon for those who have said all the verses for the six months. Since many of my girls work long hours six days a week, they rarely get to leave our town. So for this Reward Trip, I took them about an hour south of here to visit the sea. We also stopped at a famous monument of Thailand’s great kings of the past, went to the mall for a meal and ice cream, and went shopping so each girl could buy an article of clothing. I only found out after we were halfway back to the church for the evening service that they had all been so desperately carsick since almost the beginning of the trip. When I asked them why they didn’t tell me, they said they didn’t want me to turn the car around because they were having so much fun seeing everything. It didn’t occur to me that they go everywhere by motorcycle and never ride in a car. Next time, I think we’ll just walk.

Building Couples

In a country where having more than one wife or a girlfriend on the side is acceptable, one of Thailand’s greatest needs is strong marriages. I’m so thankful that our church members have good examples in the missionary couples on our team. It has been nothing short of amazing to watch God work in the lives of our couples and to see their love for each other grow as they follow the biblical principles that they have learned at church and have read for themselves in God’s Word. On Valentine’s Day we had over 20 couples in attendance. Each couple was given a large chocolate bar to share and a free professional 8 x 10 picture, a rare treat for them. Please pray for strong marriages.
Reaching People: I’m always amazed to see how God grows His church. Sometimes we find them; sometimes they find us. Jaow and I met this precious lady while out on our regularly scheduled Thursday night visitation. She was 84 years old and just a wee little thing. She trusted Christ as her Saviour, and as soon as she finished praying, she asked how her daughter could know about Jesus too. She was concerned because her daughter was still at work and wouldn’t be home until later on. We left a tract with her and said we’d be back to visit. It was so sweet how she kept thanking us for coming to tell her about Jesus and how she could go to Heaven. It is exciting to see our converts win their own people to the Lord. Jaow and her husband were saved about a year ago when someone went visiting in their neighborhood just like we did this night. They are now faithful church members, ministry workers, and witnesses for the Lord. Praise the Lord! Please pray for our converts to get a burden to reach their own people.

The two ladies with Pii Joom in the second picture live about 40 minutes away from our church a couple towns over. A few weeks ago, they were discussing their interest in visiting a church with some friends who had happened to come into possession of one of our tracts. They decided to make the drive over and try to find our church. They found us and have attended several times now. Please pray for more souls to be saved and baptized.


We had a lovely Easter celebration this year. Before the message we showed a video of the Crucifixion, and one of our Thai men voiced over the script. After the movie a large group of ladies sang “Christ Arose,” accompanied by Miss Kristi on the piano and Bro. Scott on the trumpet. The entire thing was very powerful. The children also got to see the movie in Junior Church. On the way home, I began to ask Einaam, Joop Jang, Goon Nan, and Gapda some questions about the movie to see what they thought of it. They all agreed that when they saw the nails being driven into Christ’s hands, they kept thinking how painful it would be to have that done to them. They continued to talk amongst themselves in the back seat, and it thrilled my heart to hear them discussing what all Jesus had done for them on the cross to give them eternal life. Please pray for the future generation of Thailand.

Shari House