Ricardo and Maria Leyva Prayer Letter: Meditating on the Blessings of God!As I meditate on the blessings of God, His provision, and His protection, I marvel at His faithfulness; but I also marvel at the faithfulness of our supporting churches. With much gratitude, joy, and enthusiasm, I write to you again!


One day, I needed to go to the other side of the city, so I took a taxicab. When I got in the car, I noticed that the driver was Asian. I asked him what nationality he was. He said, “Vietnamese!” “A Vietnamese living in Cuba?!” I exclaimed. He then proceeded to tell me how he ended up living in Cuba. Afterwards, I told him how to be saved! He listened attentively all the way and asked me questions. When we arrived at my destination, I asked him if he wanted to be saved. “Yes,” he said, “but I cannot pray right here! Can I pray when I get home?” I said, “Sure you can!” I had a Gospel tract with me, which I gave him, and I happened to have a booklet explaining why you cannot lose your salvation, which I also gave him. He offered to drive me any place that I needed (within a distance that his old Russian Lada car could go), so he gave me his phone number. I will build on this friendship and follow up on his salvation!


Many years ago, I met a young Cuban man who was in charge of a small mission church in the city of Camaguey. Our paths crossed several times, and I gave him some books and Sunday school materials throughout the years. The year before the pandemic, he moved to our city of Cienfuegos. He is now the pastor of a church. He invited me for lunch one time, where he told me that he is implementing the teachings of the materials in the church. He also invited me to preach one Sunday, which we agreed would be in October. May the Lord continue to use me to help him!


The hot summer and hurricane season have produced a lot of mosquitos in Cuba. By the way, Hurricane Ian just passed through the very western part of Cuba. Our work is in the central part of the island. Going back to the mosquitos! They are spreading dengue fever all over the country. People are dying from dengue, both adults and children. The mosquitos seem to like my blood; they follow me everywhere. I have to do a lot of things to avoid being bitten by them.

Please pray . . .

1. That we stay in good health.
2. That God would continue to use me.
3. For the Cuban people.

In His service,

Ricardo Leyva