Tim and Christa Simmons Prayer Letter: New Ministry, New Season, New VanNew Ministry

While we are learning Spanish and searching for where we will serve long-term, we are helping in a church plant in an area called Piedras Blancas. In September, I felt that our Spanish had improved to where we were ready to take on more responsibilities, so I asked Pastor Gabriel if there was an area near the church that our family could take responsibility for going soul winning and working to bring people to church. Up to this point, we have been helping in two other areas bringing people to church. He told me that there was a neighborhood three blocks south of the church where we had gone soul winning awhile back, but there wasn’t anyone coming to church from that area yet. I printed invitations which mention the Bible School we have every Thursday evening and Sunday morning. We are going to that area twice a week to go soul winning and work at bringing visitors to church. It is not our plan to stay in that area long-term since there is an established church there, but we are excited about this opportunity to do more while still being connected with an established ministry. Please pray for the salvation of souls and visitors in church in the neighborhood known as “Barrio Santa María de Piedras Blancas.”

First Sunday of Spring

The first day of spring here was September 21. We had a special day for the children on the 25th. We told the kids about the special Sunday, and we asked them to invite their friends. We had various games outside, along with songs afterwards. The kids were also given a small gift before they went home. We asked the group of children to sit down on the grass as they listened to a clear presentation of the Gospel. We praise the Lord for 4 visitors and several professions of faith!

Ladies’ Conference

Another independent Baptist church a couple hours away held a Ladies’ Conference on September 17. Christa had the opportunity to play the piano while a group of ladies from our church sang a special. There were around 200 ladies who came from different churches in Uruguay, with 24 of them being from our church.

Van Purchase

We arrived in Uruguay one year ago on September 15, 2021. We have been praying for the right vehicle for a while, although it hasn’t been a huge need until recently. We praise the Lord that on September 16, we were able to purchase our own van. It is a seven-passenger Chevrolet van. It is very economical, which is a blessing since the price of gas here is over $7.00 a gallon. We are told it will probably reach $10.00 per gallon by the end of the year. We are extremely grateful to our home church, Faith Baptist Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, for helping us purchase the van. It will help us tremendously as we travel more around our city and to towns north of the city.

We are very appreciative of your generous support and your faithful prayers. We pray that we are and will continue to help you to receive rewards in Heaven. We love you.


  • New ministry!
  • Visitors in church and a number of salvations!
  • A good van for our family!


  • God to work in hearts in the new area
  • Our move to a more permanent home in October/November
  • Our Spanish classes

Your missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, Evan, and Emmalynn Simmons