Rey and Tess Garcia Prayer Letter: Soul Winning and Gospel-Tract DistributionThe month of March was still a challenging month for us, as we continued trying to find a permanent place for us to stay. We have seen a lot of rental homes around the cities of Legazpi and Daraga, but we have not yet found the right place. We are not looking for a big house to lease but rather a two-bedroom house, one within our budget, one with a garage, strong water service, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and in a peaceful neighborhood. We needed to find one before our lease on the transient room expired. Then God led us to a one-bedroom house a few kilometers from FBC Daraga, which needed a little renovation, exterior and interior, before becoming livable, and it is so much better than our transient room. The landlord finally agreed to have everything done and promised that it would be ready on April 1, 2024. We also informed the landlord that our stay would not be permanent, as we are still looking for our two-bedroom rental home.

Currently, we are still helping FBC Daraga in most of their services and events. There were two Sundays that Pastor Lagos asked me to preach during the service. There was also a day that he asked me to preach during the Prayer Connection. This is a midweek service in this church during which we have preaching and group prayer, followed by soul winning. Different groups go to different assigned areas. Pastor Dennis assigned Tess and me to Bicol University East Campus to lead a group of young people in soul winning and Gospel-tract distribution. Some other times on weekdays, we visit public plazas for our soul-winning activities. As God leads us to divine appointments, we talk with people, and many receive Jesus as their personal Saviour. It was in one of these interactions where I met Richard Javellana, whom I won to the Lord. I invited him to church on the next Sunday. He came, along with his entire family and a friend. Please pray that they would continue being faithful to Jesus and FBC Daraga.

On March 24, 2024, the Catholics celebrated Palm Sunday. It is a yearly event for the Catholics starting their Holy Week. This is a time of the year when they reflect on the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. It lasts for seven days and ends on Easter Sunday. It was a big day for the members of FBC Daraga, as we spent it distributing Gospel tracts to people getting out of Daraga Catholic Cathedral after the mass.

Sometime in February after our arrival here in Legazpi, I met a long-lost friend of mine from college days. He is a licensed architect here in the country. It looks like God will use this meeting, as Pastor Lagos has been looking for an architect and a contractor to continue the building construction of FBC Daraga. I was able to set up the meeting between them on April 5, 2024. So far, they have already agreed to revise the building plans to suit the needs of the ministry. But most important of all, I was able to share the Gospel to the counterpart group after the meeting, and all of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Praise God!
Finally, after our landlord completed refurbishing the house, we were able to move in on April 2, 2024. Internet connection was also installed after a week. To date, by God’s grace, He has given Tess and me 243 individual professions of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God for all the blessings!

Prayer Needs

1. For Tess’ family’s health—her brother was confined at the hospital due to a heart problem, and her sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.
2. For the power of the Holy Spirit as we saturate more areas in Daraga and Legazpi
4. For the newly saved people to obey the Lord in Biblical baptism
5. For the funds needed for the renovation of the church building to house different church ministries
6. For the right contractor to work on the building construction

Rey & Tess Garcia