Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Easter JoysThe Lord gave us a privilege to host Gary and Lisa Zdzarski, some very precious Christians who are future missionaries to Poland. It was a blessing to have them here for two weeks. A new man came to our church. He was almost like an angel because we had some issues with our foundation, and the police were investigating us. This man called his lawyer and got us an appointment. Then he went to the lawyer with me and sat there and helped me to discuss things with the lawyer. When I went before the police for my hearing, the lawyer was there with me and helped me to communicate. This brother, who is like an angel, also wants to join our church. He wants to work with the young people here in Poland, so he is helping us start a ministry to them. We will need many sponsors to help them attend a Youth Conference in the United States this summer. If you could help with this project, please note the support to our mission agency with the words “Youth Project.”

I had a good talk with a Jehovah’s Witness young man after our street-preaching ministry time. He had moved from his parents’ home, because they were strict with him, and then he went to live with his grandparents. He was open to hearing the Gospel message. Pray for Simeon. A young man from Lithuania came to church, but he never went through with baptism. He wrote to tell us that he appreciated our encouragement, which made him decide to get baptized. It took five years for him to go through with this decision after he was saved. Pray for him, as he lives quite a way from us in Northern Poland; pray that he will have good friends and encouragement. His name is Augustus. I had another good talk with a Jehovah’s Witness and was able to present the salvation message, how Jesus’ perfect offering had satisfied God’s judgement for our sin debt. Several others in our soul-winning group have had many good opportunities to share the good news of the Gospel.

On Easter Sunday, we put out extra chairs, because our church has been getting a lot fuller lately. We asked the Lord to fill them up for our special service. We didn’t fill them completely, but we still had a good turnout despite missing some of our regulars. We are leaving the chairs out and are praying for God to fill them up soon though.

People came back who hadn’t attended in months. A couple of visitors came. Jolie and I sang a special in church on Easter Sunday. One African fellow who comes to our church lived far from the church and worked on Sundays, but he has now moved close to the church. He is attending faithfully. One African lady with a Polish boyfriend was crying every weekend because she couldn’t come on Sundays and had to work; she came and said she will start coming regularly. A Filipino lady with a Polish boyfriend, who was also working a lot and could not come, said she will start coming to church more.

Please pray for Bibi and Gina, the two women who have made the decisions to come. Please pray as we witness to the Jolie’s therapist, Miss Kinga; pray that she will be open to the Gospel.

On the right are a few pictures of our church and Jolie and I singing. Thank you for your prayers and support for the church plant in Poland.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock