Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  "Come Preach to Us"We are praising the Lord for His goodness to our family. Our one-year-old Faith got malaria last week, and her fever was up to 103 degrees. However, folks prayed, the medicine worked, and God brought her back to full health in just a few days.

Desmond and Friends

Desmond and Friends

Receptive Hearts

My son John and I were walking back to our car at the end of our visitation time recently when I heard someone say, “Come and preach to me.” I turned to see a young man standing at the gate to his house inviting us in. How could we refuse? Desmond (third from the left in picture) was the teenager who invited us in. After about 90 minutes, Desmond, Prince, Anna, and Patience decided to put their faith in Christ alone for salvation. Please pray for these four to grow in the Lord.

Common Faith Adult Sunday School Class

Common Faith Adult Sunday School Class

Common Faith

This past Sunday we had 64 in our Common Faith Adult Sunday School Class. (See picture on left.) Oliver was one of the 64. He was won to Christ and brought to church by class captain Emmanuel Tawiah.

Up until a couple of months ago, Oliver’s mother Adwoa was a faithful member of our class. However, she got a small scratch on her foot, which became infected. Most likely due to improper care, the infection got out of control, and she had to have her foot amputated. Our church was able to help Adwoa with part of the hospital expense, and we were able to provide her with some crutches. I believe due to Emmanuel’s persistence and our church’s kindness Adwoa’s son Oliver decided to visit our church. He has now come several times and even brought a friend with him one Sunday. Pray for God to be merciful to Adwoa and for Oliver’s spiritual growth.

Other Prayer Requests

• We are waiting for Ben’s official Ghanaian birth certificate so that we can apply for his passport. We are being told that Ghana’s printer is broken down. Please pray that it gets fixed soon.
• And please pray that we will be able to find a place for Joy to have an electroencephalogram done. This will provide valuable information on the status of her epilepsy.

We appreciate your faithful support and encouragement for our family!

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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