Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Back in GhanaWe are now back home in Ghana! I hope you find this report to be an encouragement to you.

Update on Joy

joy at pediatrician

Joy at her pediatrician’s office

As you may know, our four-year-old daughter Joy had her first seizure on July 31 while we were in Ghana. After her second seizure on August 10, we found it necessary to return to the States so that she could see a pediatric neurologist. God allowed us to secure the proper appointments quickly.

Upon initial observation, the doctor’s diagnosis was that Joy has benign rolandic centro-temporal epilepsy. Two days later an EEG (electroencephalogram) supported these results. The “benign” means Joy will most likely grow out of this condition. The prescribed medication is working well, AND it is readily available here in Ghana—for which we praise God! We are so thankful that this result has allowed us to return to Ghana.

God’s Provision

When we realized we would need to return to the States to get help for Joy, we did not know what to expect as far as medical and travel expenses. The medical expense is being cared for completely through Samaritan Newsletter—a medical need-sharing ministry. Also, airfare was nearly $5,700 more than our allotted travel funds due to the fact we would be traveling to the States nine months early and the fact that we were purchasing tickets at the last minute. In an amazing fashion, God provided more than this amount to help with our travel expenses from a variety of sources. Here are a few examples:

• For example, the kids at a Vacation Bible School held by Lighthouse Baptist Church in Newark, New York, took up a change offering.
• Also, one Sunday afternoon while we were at my parents’ house, a lady knocked on the door. I answered the door, and the lady asked me, “Do you recognize me?” As it turns out, she worked in the cafeteria at my elementary school. She had heard about Joy’s situation, and she brought me a check for $500! I had not seen this dear lady for over 32 years!
• Two churches and my sister’s workplace held fundraisers on our behalf. Individuals at several churches came up to us and put cash in our hands. Since I did not have time to fill my schedule with meetings at churches as I normally would, we attended many services at my home church, Gateway Baptist Church in Blacksburg, Virginia. Pastor Souther and his people were very kind to us.

Back to Work!

We are so glad to back in the ministry here in Ghana. While we were gone, two college men completed programs, and three new students enrolled in our Bible college. Also, Alberta, the deaf lady Maria was working with, did not miss a Sunday these last two months. Amen!

I have written this letter to give praise to our Saviour and to strengthen the faith of my brothers and sisters in Christ that our Father cares for them and He is well able to provide their every need.

Your servant and His,

Michael Sarver