Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Radio Station Almost a RealityTheresa and I “celebrated” Halloween in an unusual way this year. We did separate neighborhood Bible Clubs in the afternoon, with 70 and 44 in attendance, my wife having the 70. That evening I was invited to present the Gospel in another neighboring area. The makeshift church building held over 100 uncomfortably; but God was gracious again, and there were several salvation decisions made.

We are doing the foot work in an area called Kafou Sez (Section 16) to see if this is where our next church plant needs to be. If this endeavor falls short, by God’s grace we will find that place of service. In the meantime, there’s no such thing as witnessing to the wrong person. Our team of 12 men saw 2 trust Christ as their Saviour recently in Kafou Sez.

Before the end of 2014, we are hoping to have a radio station on our property. This has been a slow process because of threats of seizing the land and our facilities. We need your prayers for sure. There have been no ominous indications in recent months of the extortion issue that we faced earlier.

Thank you for all you continue to do for us. We appreciate your prayers and financial backing.


Keith and Theresa Baker