Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  Church NewsThank you for your prayers and support. I remind my children regularly that our ability to serve and stay on the field is based on the giving of God’s people.


Straight Road Baptist Church is doing well. God has sent new people our way. We met Bup during our regular soul winning. On our first visit, this teenage boy understood God’s free gift of salvation and received the Saviour. Now he faithfully comes to church. His leadership has resulted in a sister and cousin joining us with great enthusiasm.

Three generations of Christians is almost unheard of in Cambodia. God allowed us to reach a young boy who comes to our children’s service. Next Suni and I started having regular Bible studies with his mother, and she made her decision for Christ. Finally, her own father, who lives with them, accepted the reality of God’s power and goodness and prayed with us for salvation. They all live in a compound where their neighbors observe them carefully. They have taken their stand in various small but meaningful ways.

Recently Suni was able to lead a Cambodian single mother to Christ. Last Sunday night she gave public testimony to that fact. In the same multinational service, Milton from Liberia received the assurance of his salvation.


This summer my family and I were able to be in the States. Our previous visit to America was 4 years ago in 2010. We were gone from our church for 11 Sundays, but we were able to arrange for Cambodian nationals to cover the preaching.

In addition to important family visits, such as my mother’s 90th birthday, we reported on our work in more than 11 different churches. The Spirit of God gave us some of the best opportunities for witnessing. Pastor Kerr (Lighthouse Baptist Church of Philadelphia) and I went soul winning in an Asian neighborhood and led a Cambodian man to Christ. In addition, I was able to witness to 4 different family members, some of whom I have not seen for many years.

One remarkable meeting included a dinner with my cousin, her husband, and about 8 other guests. Her husband is one of the original voices of one of the best known Muppets (Sesame Street). All of the guests, including my cousin, could be considered to be in the upper echelons of the arts and business world. For 20 minutes my wife and I were asked sincere and searching questions about our faith and work. Please pray that the seed will grow deep into the hearts of these dear people.


Pastor Luke Raj Yeluri finished his course! He was a convert from Hinduism. As a Christian he was jealous for the true and living God. As a pastor he lived off the meager offerings of his church members and yet was able to raise and educate six children who all serve God in various ways. As a leader in the preaching community, he showed an uncommon commitment to maintaining his zeal through decades of disappointments and satanic opposition.

Please pray for us as we return to our work, look for a better location, and seek to build our people.


Walter, Suni, Joseph, and Jerusha Poole