Charles and Lindsey Osgood Prayer Letter: Missions Medical ClinicsThank you for your faithful prayer and financial support!

Missions Medical Clinics

October 23-28, we partnered with Dr. Greg Waller and his ministry, Truth for Today Medical Missions, to conduct 6, one-day medical clinics in 6 villages where we have daughter churches. About 100 volunteers helped with the clinics. We had people helping to win souls, translate, work in the eye clinic, work in the medical clinic, translate for the doctors, work in registration, and help with crowd control.

It was such a blessing to see everyone work together to help care for those who came to the clinics. Everyone who came to the clinics heard a clear presentation of the Gospel; of these, over 1,100 people chose to believe on Christ for salvation! Several people who were helped at the clinics have visited our daughter churches, and some have made the decision to attend these churches. Please pray for these new converts to be established in the faith and to become disciples of Christ who help others to get saved. Please pray for the pastors who are working to follow up on all the people who came to the clinics. Pray that God will give them open doors to reach the friends and families of those who were helped at the clinics and to help those who did not put their faith in Christ alone for their salvation.


In March of this year, I led Prince Akuoko to Christ. Through his influence, we have been able to win his mother and several of his friends to Christ. He has completed 10 of our church’s discipleship lessons. I had asked prayer in an earlier prayer letter for him to get a job. Praise the Lord, he has gotten a good job! He has received some opposition from a coworker because of his stand for the doctrine of eternal security. Please pray for Prince to be a bold witness for Christ despite the opposition he is facing.

Melissa, one of my Sunday school class members, brought her mother Akua to church. Akua said she would like to join our church. This past Saturday, I was able to visit her, and she chose to believe on Christ for her salvation! Please pray for her to be established in the faith and to follow the Lord in baptism.

I started discipling a man named Kwabena a few weeks ago. We have gone through two discipleship lessons. He realizes the church he is going to is not preaching the true Gospel. Please pray for Kwabena to choose to come to our church and to grow.

In October, I was able to lead Millicent and Rita to Christ. Both ladies have visited our church. Pray that they will continue to come and that they will become disciples of Christ.
Trip to Sierra Leone

I am planning to make a trip to Sierra Leone in February. We will be conducting soul-winning training for a group of pastors there. Please pray for God to bless the soul-winning training and that it will result in many souls being saved in Sierra Leone.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood

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Volunteers at One of the Clinics