Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Souls and LandThank you for keeping missions and Thailand on your prayer lists. Each week, we see people saved through the power of the Gospel. It is always amazing and special to see God work. The need is great here, and the opportunity is a large one.

Update on the Nong Phlap Church Land

In about two weeks from now, we will have a meeting and survey of the potential Nong Phlap church land, which will determine the purchase. We ask for your prayers. Land pricing only goes up here over time, so we are hopeful this is the one. The beautiful land that God gave the Hua Hin church in 2019 is already worth nearly three times today what it was back then.

Last month, we mentioned the souls saved at the takraw/volleyball court areas, with many first-time visitors in church. This month, additional souls have come to church from this area, and 8 souls were joyously saved. On yet another visit to this court area on February 15, 4 more souls were sweetly saved. While players arrived, saved friends had the opportunity to send their unsaved friends to hear the Gospel.

This past Sunday at Nong Phlap, we had a 71-year-old man, E-choe, come to church for the second time. E-choe has nearly no vision and has worked very hard his entire life. During the congregational song, I saw E-choe nearly in tears as the beautiful words of the song were radiating into his heart. E-choe had been to different churches in the past, but we discovered that he never fully understood salvation and how to go to Heaven. We took time to give E-choe the Gospel upon completion of the service. With no hesitations, He wanted to trust Jesus for salvation and a future home in Heaven. It was an awesome day for E-choe, for us, and for all of the church members.
On Sunday, February 25, we had 4 people who had not yet heard the Gospel come to church for the first time. One young man was Thai, another was Burmese, and 2 more were Karen. All were sweetly saved in their native language. It was such a blessing. Praise Him!

On Friday, March 1, Star and I were out soul winning when we met a taxi van driver, Nywhowah, parked near the ocean. Nywhowah was taking a break from his long drive back to Bangkok. He has been driving vans for 30 years on a route that covers 540 miles each trip. I made eye contact through his window, and Nywhowah lowered the window. I explained a few things and gave him the tract. He didn’t raise the window and kept looking at the tract, so we continued to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. After 30 years of driving his van all over Southern Thailand, Nywhowah was saved. It was a great blessing!

Farther down the way, we walked past a house where we had led an older lady to the Lord a couple of years prior. She has limited mobility and mainly cleans and dries fish throughout the day. It turns out that her entire family fishes on boats for a living. On this morning, her daughter On was back at home from fishing on the boat all morning. She listened carefully to the Gospel, the same way her Mom had done years prior. On was happily saved, and the mystery of Heaven was unveiled. Thank God for His grace and timing.

Throughout the month of February, we saw 29 souls saved. Of those 29, visiting preacher, Bro. Stephen Shook, led 4 of those souls to the Lord at church, while visiting missionary, Bro. Matthew Bosje, led 6 of those souls to the Lord. The Sunday Bro. Curtis Hall preached, 1 man was saved, with 145 in attendance. Praise the Lord for these faithful men of God furthering the Gospel in Thailand. Even more, we are blessed to have you praying, giving, working, and honoring our God in your church. May He keep you safe and blessed. To God be the glory!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family

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