Team Ghana Update:  Friend Daytg1Friend Day

Instead of promoting four special Sundays as we normally do each March and September, we decided to plan one special day for the last Sunday in September.  We put up a banner in our church weeks in advance that read, “Friend Day – You’ve Got a Friend in FBCI – 27 September 2015.”  We also had printed several thousand color tracts that we refer to as invitation cards.

A Week of Visiting New Areas

Two weeks before Friend Day, our church people gathered four afternoons to spread the word to new areas about our church and about Friend Day.  At 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 40 to 50 church members gathered and were organized to knock on every door and gate in a particular area near our church. These are areas within walking distance of our church that have not been targeted heavily by our soul winners in the past.  The response to this visiting was great—both by our church members and by the communities!  We plan to organize such visiting on a regular basis.

The Big Day

Although we had been planning and praying and working towards having a great Sunday, we did not know exactly what to expect.  However, as I pulled onto the property that morning, I knew God was blessing in a great way.  Many of our church members had arrived early and were welcoming our guests as they flooded in. Our adult Sunday school classes were busy getting information cards filled out on our visitors. By the end of the Sunday school hour, the main auditorium was packed, but the visitors kept coming.  Right up until the preaching, extra chairs were being brought into the auditorium.

God blessed us with 389 adult and 135 teen visitors. Including the children’s department, we had an attendance of over 1,300 people. Approximately 500 came on our bus routes. So many different church members got involved in making the day a success—both by visiting new areas and by bringing their own friends, families, and neighbors.  Learn more about our Friend Day here:

Follow Up

This month we are busy following up on those 500+ visitors.  Pray that we can reach many of these people for productive Christian service.

Team Prayer Letter

This month our featured team prayer letter is from Brother Dave Sarabia.  What a servant!  Please take time to read his letter (, and pray for this good man.

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o12Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader