Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter:  Something Worth Believing!

 Something Worth Believing

An 18-year-old has been attending our language school for several months. He attends public high school as a senior and was taking classes because he needed at least an 800 on his SAT to attend the university of his choice. He just passed his SAT with a 970 but continues coming. He self-identifies as an agnostic but has listened carefully to my witnessing. The last time we met, he surprised me in two ways. He was discussing the sad condition of the youth in his generation and said, “I think Jesus may be coming back soon.” I asked him what percentage of his classmates were Muslim. He said, “99%.” (No surprise there.) I then asked him what percentage truly believed in the Quran and followed Islam from their hearts. Without hesitation, he responded, “0.”

Team Progress

After months of disappointments and delays, Team Eurasia is beginning to pick up steam. Two of our newest arrivals were just granted their residency permits and are making great strides with the language. Please pray for four team members who are currently in the process of applying for visa extensions. A family of four has been on deputation for three years. They are at about 90% support-level, and God has brought in many additional funds to help with their move. We are praying to get them here this summer. I have been in contact with at least seven different men who are seriously praying about joining our team. At least five of them have already visited. Please pray that God fills these men and their families with the knowledge of His will.

Our Son, Basketball, and Sunday Services!

Our 18-year-old son has become quite the basketball player. He goes down to a neighboring town almost every day and plays basketball with a growing number of young (and some not so young) men. Some of these have visited our home. A couple of them have visited our service. At least 2 seem very interested in the Gospel. Speaking of our services, we are beginning to see increase there as well. Last Sunday we had over 20 in attendance and 1 lady raised her hand for prayer about her salvation. Both she and her husband are open; pray for their salvation! Pray also for our son, who will move to the States next month to further his training for the Lord.

Birthday Surprise and Upcoming Trip!

One of our daughters was flying to be here for my birthday. Upon her arrival, I received the best birthday surprise of my life! She had brought our married daughter, along with her husband and our precious granddaughter! We are bringing the family back to the States, God willing, for our daughter’s wedding in September. We will stay for a brief furlough this fall to help recover some of the costs of the travel and report to some churches. We will primarily be in the Midwest but are open to traveling farther. If you are eager to have us in your church, please contact us early, as we anticipate our two-month visit to fill up very quickly.

Trivia and Not So Trivial

So yesterday I turned 53. At that same age, Russia’s first czar, Ivan the Terrible, died. At 53, Ray Kroc purchased 8 McDonald’s restaurants. The year before his death, McDonald’s did over 8 billion in sales. Dr. Seuss’ Grinch was 53 when he stole Christmas. At 53, I hope to finish my 9th book. I hope to master this language we are working on day and night. I hope to see many people saved and at least 2 more churches planted. Most of all, I hope to offer the young people here something worth believing!

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