Missionary 6501 Prayer Letter:  All Over the World!All Over the World!

God is working all over the world, and we want to give Him glory. I receive emails from many people who have been helped by our books. We are, by the way, wrapping up the proofreading and editing of my eighth book, which we hope to release soon.

In India!

A woman from India contacted me via social media. This is somewhat remarkable in itself, in that we keep a very low profile for security reasons. She was concerned about her eternal destiny. I discovered that she had received Christ when she was younger but had strayed and no longer identified as a Christian. I was able to help her with assurance and security. She has gotten right with God and is now living as a Christian.

In Our Country!

I recently visited a businessman to whom I have often witnessed. That day he happened to be entertaining company, so I wasn’t sure how he would react to my visit. He told me that his friends all wanted to hear what I had been sharing with him. I spent much of the afternoon sharing the Gospel with them. In fact, God is giving us more witnessing opportunities now than ever before in this country. We recently had several neighbors over, along with a couple who attends our services. The neighbors were very eager to learn more about the Bible. I believe that the social unrest resulting from the recent coop attempt and subsequent house cleaning have resulted in a greater hunger for something different. I have an appointment next week with a man in our country who is fluent in German and has many questions about the Gospel.

In the United States!

Our liaison and his family are raising the final third of their support. God has been answering many prayers for them as they prepare to move here permanently, Lord willing, in the early part of next year. God is blessing their travels with many coming to know the Lord! A lady from Michigan is visiting with us as I write. She is praying about coming back here to teach children. Several others have contacted us who are praying over the possibility of joining our team, including some of our own adult children! Please pray for the sale of our home in Merrillville.

In Mexico!

I just returned from preaching in a conference for my dear friend Luis Ramos in San Luis Potosí. It is amazing to see what God is doing in Mexico. The conference reminded me so much of Pastors’ Schools I’d attended in Hammond over the years. Many of the churches represented are running in the hundreds and others in the thousands. One of the churches baptized around 14,000 last year. Not only that, they are starting new churches by the hundreds and sending Christian workers all over the globe. I was able to interview several who are praying about coming to work with us. One of the couples hopes to be here by the end of the year. While there, I was able to witness at length to an Ismaili Muslim from Pakistan. Please pray for his salvation. The following day I had the privilege of leading Mario to Christ. Ironically, Mario was a Mexican engineer turned English language teacher. He had been studying the Bible and was thrilled to trust Christ!

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