Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Souls Saved, Baptisms, New Converts, and Another Church Plant!During the months of August, September, and October, God blessed us with big days, visitors in the church, people getting saved, and baptisms. Below are pictures of some of the people whose lives you are helping to change in South America because you are praying for and giving to our ministry. Please dutifully pray that each new convert would take root and grow in order to bring forth fruit for the glory of God!

The young man with a tie in the middle picture above is Rodrigo. He’s been coming to our church for about three years. The reason he has that goofy smile on his face is because his mom Jacinta had just gotten baptized. He has been devotedly pleading with God for about two years that his entire family would faithfully come to church, and now his prayers are being answered. His dad Serapio is standing next to Rodrigo in the picture. He told me, “I started coming to your church because I cannot believe the change I have seen in my son’s life. I feel like I need the same thing that my son has.” PRAISE GOD!! Please pray that they would stay faithful and continue to fall in love with Jesus and wholeheartedly consecrate their lives to Him! Bro. Serapio has already come to a prayer meeting and prayed with us for two hours!

To the left is Pastor Alberto and his family, whom I won to the Lord 12 years ago. This picture was taken at the end of October, the night we voted him in as the new pastor of our church, Iglesia Bautista el Faro. He was voted in with 91% of the church’s approval! We are now having to move the church, so please pray with us as we search for God’s will concerning a new location. The ideal proposal would be to buy a lot and build a building; but prices are high, and our funds are low. Of all times to pray for our ministry, we desperately need your prayers now. Please pray urgently for “the lot and the loot” so that the church could ardently continue to shine forth the Gospel light to those who sit in darkness.

Please pray for me as I earnestly work to help get the church settled in a new location before my family and I move to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to start another church. Our church, my family, and I are heartbroken at the thought of parting ways; but at the same time, we are rejoicing that God has allowed us to learn and grow together in the ministry here in La Paz. They have been well trained in what to do and how to do it. I will continue to encourage, counsel, and help them in any way possible while I strive to plant more churches.


Last February, the Bolivian government nationalized the postal service to make it more efficient. Since then, our post office box has been closed, and we have not been able to receive mail. We were told on different occasions that the service would restart, but we are at the end of the year, still without a post office box. For this reason, please do not send any mail to us until further notice.

Thank you for believing in us and staying faithful through the years, praying and investing in our family. As we continue following God’s will to help reach South America, please pray for God’s wisdom, God’s blessing, God’s power, health, protection, provision, and guidance for our family and our ministries.

Xavier Lopez