Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Project Building FaithSouls Saved

It is always a blessing when we meet people from Africa on furlough—we have met many. One opportunity I had, which was particularly special, was to meet some refugees from Tanzania. I was able to share the Gospel with eight of them while out visiting with a supporting pastor. How special it was to share the Gospel with them in a language they could understand and see them bow their heads to trust Christ as their Saviour! Several of them came to church the very next day.


We have presented in 18 different churches in 6 different states. Our furlough has been very fruitful, and we have been encouraged by the many churches we have visited. We have also been honored to preach in two Bible colleges and encourage young people to serve the Lord and keep on keeping on. If we have not been able to visit your church, I hope you will be able to find time to show our update video. It really shows what God has done and some of the things we believe He has in store for the future of the ministry.

Project Building Faith

In our last prayer letter, we shared with you the next phase for our church. We detailed the building of a two-story building on our church property for a place for our Bible college, Sunday school classrooms, offices, a TV ministry, and a printing ministry. We are excited to share with you that God has already given us nearly $11,000 toward this project. Please continue to pray for the remainder needed for this project.


Another need for our ministry, as it expands, was to purchase some property. We would like to use it to build our boys’ home, a new girls’ home, and our feeding center. We have been praying that God would provide, and He has. A church has committed to helping us purchase the five acres needed for this project. We praise the Lord for His provision. Please pray that, as we return, God would direct us to the right piece of property He would have for this ministry.

Church and Ministry

One of the biggest burdens for a missionary when leaving for furlough is the ministry that they leave behind. We made our furlough as short as possible in order to return to the work in Tanzania. We were thrilled that the Lord allowed Montana and Kellie Morrow, who are currently on deputation to come to Tanzania to work with us, to pause their deputation in order to partner with our Tanzanian staff to oversee the work in our absence. We have been so encouraged to hear the reports each week of how the ministry is continuing on. The attendance has been tremendous and the spirit great. What a blessing it is to have a team working together in our absence. We are reminded that the work is the Lord’s, and we are honored to be just a small part of it!


We have made it through the final approval process! We praise the Lord that we have been on the air now for about a month and half without any restrictions. We are praying for one final need for our radio. Please help us pray as we seek to purchase a battery backup system for the station. This would allow us to broadcast even when the electricity is off and overnight when electric is cut.

Please continue to pray for us as we finish up this last month and a half of our furlough. Rachel and the kids are doing well and enjoying reuniting with friends and family here in the States. We will admit, though, that we are all a bit homesick and are anxious to return to our home in Tanzania.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt