This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”

Dan Siemer

*Healing of fractured vertebra

Ashcraft, Jonathan and Jennifer

*Their May “Bible Clubs Month” with child evangelist Marco Turriza, trained and sent out of their church (Marco’s recovery from knee surgery)
*Jenny’s pregnancy:
+Safe delivery of Megan Georganna by C-section, scheduled the second week in June
+Money for medical expenses
*His mother’s health
*Seven men graduating from their Bible institute this month

Ashcraft, Tommy and Brenda
Mexico (Stateside)

*Her health (in hospital in Lubbock, Texas, with a broken pelvis)

Back, Ron and Laura

+Now have a baptismal tank
*Money for recent car repairs and maintenance expenses
*Glad to have visitors from the United States
*Family’s health
*Financial needs to be met

Belisle, James and Linda
Missionary Evangelist/FBMI FSC

*May 25-June 9 trip to Nigeria for Missionary Mark Holmes’ national and regional conferences
*Mid-August Bible conference with Missionary Brian Johnston (Canada)
*August trip to Ireland to fill the pulpit for about a month for Missionary Keith Hamilton while gone on furlough *Possible upcoming trips to the Philippines and Argentina
*Missions conferences he will be preaching in the States
*Increased support
*Safe travels

Bowen, Bob and Jackie
“BEST” Bible Distribution

*That 1,000 Thai Bibles will be printed in time for the Bible conference at First Baptist Church Nawong the first week in June
*Safe arrival in Thailand of their 21st container of Scriptures and for low government fees
*May 31 departure for six-week trip in Southeast Asia and Nagaland, India
*Dr. Curtis Hall and family as they raise personal support and raise money for the BEST Ministry

Childers, Joe and Donna

+April 2 start of Lifeline Independent Baptist Church
+Nearly 30 present for their first service and averaging 25-30 weekly
*Soul-winning program on Thursdays
*Start of teen group in May
*Money for larger vehicle
*Transitioning into full-time “pastorate”

Coffey, Mark and Amy
South Africa (Furlough)

+Over $30,000 has come in for Camp Rhino (need approximate $65,000 balance by the end of the year)
*Soon release of children’s book series, centered at Camp Rhino, to promote Bible principles involving missions

Foust, Zach and Karin
Team Peru

+Trip to the jungle with Bro. Hays resulted in 51 pastors and missionaries receiving training in soul winning and discipleship and also received a water-purification system and training on how to use them
+Trip resulted in media exposure and meeting with the “Governor” and visits from other government agencies
*Trip up the Itaya River resulted in meeting a Baptist pastor with a boys’ home to help young men from deep in the jungle to attend school and work in the churches on the weekends, with a desire to raise up pastors to plant churches in the jungle and offers seminary every three months for pastors of the jungle (Zach has been invited to teach soul winning in August)
*Money for the Fousts’ Amazon Outreach (jungle work)

Garza, Jonathan and Monica
Ukraine (to the Jews)

*That newborn Nehemias will live:
+At seven months they had to do a C-section
+Miracle that either of them lived
+He weighed 3 pounds and was 14½ inches long)
*She may be interned for several months to help in taking care of Nehemias
*Naturalization paperwork for Nehemias

Goodpaster, Nathan and Audrey
Philippines (Medical Furlough)

*Jonathan’s healing from cancer and loss of vision

Griffin, Tony and Cathy
Church Planting (Las Vegas)

*Transition to new shared church space (since mid-April)
*New families with young children to grow their Sunday school)
*Attendance to grow to 70 consistently this year
*Balance from being bi-vocational
*Three thugs who assaulted their son Jordan to get saved and to be brought to justice

Guatemalan People and Missionaries

*Need postal service again

Missionaries to Israel
Israel (Furlough)

*Return to Israel this summer (filling a pulpit in a city while there)
*Hosting two churches visiting them in Israel the last week of November
*Preparation of curriculum for training in Jewish history and evangelism (hope to complete by end of summer) *Upcoming speaking engagements
*Literature distribution to Jewish communities
*Travel safety
*Peace of Jerusalem

Has, Bounna and Thy

*May 12-15 Family Camp (150+ from various churches attending)

Herndon, Jason and Amanda
Native American Indians

*Bible institute students to stay faithful
*Building projects:
+Phase 1 complete
+Phase 2: enlarge main building capacity
+Need money and more laborers

Hoffman, Brent and Jennifer

*Language studies

Hudson, Simeon and Susie

*Their health
+Her sinus and stomach problems, that a special diet works
+The unbearable pain in his thumbs to go away
*Safety as they travel to a new area this month to help encourage a sister church

Johnson, Allen and Dema
Wings Bearing Precious Seed

*Need a balance of $1,857 to ship 5 million tracts to Costa Rica
*Money to ship container of Scriptures for Winter Olympics in South Korea and container of German Scriptures to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
*Balance of $431 to ship 10,000 Sranantongo Bibles to Suriname

Knickerbocker, Stephen and Julie
Burkina Faso

*Had three-week visit to Canada and the United States, returned May 8
*Raise $40,000+ for permanent church property
+Property fund is at $9,000+)
*Pastor to train
*Favor with the community and the mayor’s office

Lemma, Mike and Lidia

*New hospital ministry
*June 2-4 missions conference
*June 10-11 Vacation Bible School and a “Big Day”
*Son Stephen’s kidney problems
*Their children’s upcoming visit in about a month

Murillo, Robert and Joy

*Her healing of cancer

Nordman, John and Gwen

*His recovery from cancer surgery

Owens, Nathan and Karie
South Africa Church Planting

*Preparation for the May 21 start of Grace Baptist Church (salvations and growth of those already saved)
*Language studies
*Their Waterfall Area Bible Study
*Protection from evil
*Continued good health for the family

Missionary #6020
Team China

*Her Wednesday night ladies’ group
+Recent activity of taking bags of socks to the street-cleaners’ communities and giving the good news
+For some, the first time to reach out to the less fortunate and to publicly proclaim their faith

Pattison, Chris and Rebecca

*His work with the youth
*Need KJV Bibles (need information on how to get large amounts of Bibles donated to the ministry)

Robideau, Rob and Grace

*Opportunities on Thursday evenings to share the Gospel with the people in the village of Saano Khokhana, who have never heard of Christ
*Weekly discipleship and Bible studies

Souza, Rose

*New Life Baptist Church’s building project for expansion
*Vehicle for their Bus Ministry
*May 10 departure to work with Hernandez family in the Amazon until August
*Her work with the medical and evangelistic team for their annual Amazon Outreach the end of July

Steers, Andrew and Laura

*Comfort in the loss of her mother

Tevault, Bob and Susan

*Wisdom for the upcoming school year
*72 applicants from Youth Camp and potential for more after meeting with 30 pastors at a Q&A time about the college

Barnabas 10/40

*Weekly two-hour “Language Exchange” meetings:
+During the first hour, the Chinese help them with Mandarin
+During the second hour, they help Chinese with their English)
+Then follow up with those showing spiritual interest by meeting for Bible study on a different night
*To increase the number of national church planters they are supporting to 50 (upcoming vetting of Pakistanis)
*Trips in the next four months to Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia to help plant churches, teach, preach, and train nationals and to meet with more national pastors for vetting of potential church planters to support

Turner, Ben and Becky

*Son Caleb and Abbey Williams’ preparation for their December 22, 2017, wedding at Greenwood Bible Baptist Church in Greenwood, Indiana

Tutton, Ed and Carolyn
Teaching All Nations

*Daughters Karen Mendez and Kim Whitehead to be healed of their cancers

Westbrook, Dave and Tracey

*Church’s transition to new meeting place
*August through September furlough:
+Taking son Jared to Bible college
+Will need a vehicle to use/borrow/rent
*His healing from vertigo
+Nausea has returned in full force
+Seeking medical help while in States
*Comfort for the Steers in the death of her mother
*Her father, John Nordman, in his recuperation from cancer surgery
*Son Aaron

Williams, Justin and Holly

*May 14 Friend Day

Willis, Byron and Briceida

+$6,000+ sent in for the orphanage and four feeding centers (able to feed 150+ children in four feeding centers and needs met for 30 children in the orphanage)