Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Drivers for JesusDrivers

My wife and I were working on our driver’s licenses in Warsaw, and a young man, who had already failed his test a few times, was there taking his test again. He told us that the test was impossible and that many people fail the test several times. We were able to make a contact with him, and he has come to our church a few times now. We have to go very slowly with him, because he told us flat out that he will not change from his Catholic faith and become a Baptist. Pray for Derek D. to be saved.

Shift Changes

After a shifting again in our church, the Lord has removed a few people and added some newer people in their places. A young Ukrainian woman has begun to attend our services. A man came back to church after being gone for some years. A Polish lady is coming to the English church services. She lived in America for eight years and attended a Baptist church while there. She recently moved back to Warsaw. After a few weeks, she accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal Saviour.

Little Helpers

A middle-aged man comes and brings his small sons to church very faithfully. His children are very affectionate to Jolie and me. The children tell us we are bardzo kochanny (“very loving”). They can’t wait to come back to church, and the smallest one started crying because he had to leave to go home. The older boy likes to hand out the hymnals and sing the hymns; he is also learning to play the guitar and wants to play in our church eventually.

Miss T

Another lady, whom we have known for at least 10 years, has returned to the church after being away for some years. Lately she is coming faithfully to our Bible studies and wanting to read and learn the Bible and sing the hymns with us. It really takes patience and faithfulness with people. “For in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” It is not as fast here as in some other lands, but the angels rejoice in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth! What is the value of one sinner who believes the Gospel? There is no comparing silver and gold or the Stock Market to the value of one soul saved; each soul saved is invaluable.

Almost Impenetrable Walls

We appreciate the patience many of you have as we labor for the Lord across the water. It really takes a lot of time. One European Christian of years gone by said it takes some 20, some 30, and some 40 years to come to the Lord; but this does not hinder us from sowing the Gospel seed. We praise God for each and every person He allows us to minister to. Many have never heard the Gospel and put up a hard barrier that is almost impenetrable. But we thank the Lord for that simple question: “Would you like to know 100% for sure you will be in Heaven?”

In His harvest,

Paul Sock