This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


Dr. Siemer

*Healing of fractured vertebra

Ashcraft, Tommy and Brenda
Mexico (Stateside)

*Her recovery

Belisle, James and Linda
Missionary Evangelist, FBMI FSC

*His healing from a fall (cracked ribs)
*Upcoming Bible conference in Toronto with Missionary Brian Johnston
*His overseeing a church in Ireland while the missionary family are on furlough (safety, strength, God’s power)

Bowen, Bob and Jackie
“BEST” Bible Distribution

*His teaching in a Bible college for 10 days in Nagaland in Northeast India
*Safe return July 10
*Upcoming meetings in Ohio and Indiana

Christiansen, Micah and Abbie
Team Ghana

*Healthy pregnancy for Abbie and their baby
*His work with their Christian school
*Their soul-winning efforts

Donate, Carlos and Jaimie

*Safety from mudslides and earth tremors
*Desperate need of Spanish Gospel literature
*Their work with rescue missions
*Deaf Ministry
*Postal system

Frost, Devin and Amy
New Zealand

+Safe arrival of Hope Joy
*Wisdom as they seek God’s direction for future ministry beyond the smaller towns surrounding the Canterbury area

Godsoe, Courtney and Ester

*Paul Espanola, 11-year-old nephew of two staff ladies:
+Rheumatic fever
+Slim chance of survival

Goodpaster, Nathan and Audrey
Philippines (Medical Furlough)

*Jonathan’s healing from cancer

Hall, Curtis and Amber
BEST Ministries (Deputation/Raising Funds for BEST)

*Safe travels to summer meetings in Indiana and the Southwest

Hudson, Simeon and Susie

*Promoting the seminary (new and returning students; traveling mercies)
*Next semester starting in August
*Their health
*Grenaros, a new area where they may start working (restart an old church)

Inman, Chad and Sarah
Team Thailand (Deputation)

*Support at 65%
*His health to continue to improve

Johns, Larry and Carol
Abundant Pardon Prison Ministry

*His recovery from massive heart attack and bypass surgery

Johnson, Allen and Dema
Wings Bearing Precious

*August 7-14 trip to Brazil for their WINGS team to help his brother, Bryan Johnson, plant the Compassion Baptist Church
*Money for pending containers in the next few months

Jones, Layne and Nelia

*Bible college students (60+)

Kimmel, TJ and Christa
CORE Missions

*Her health:
+In the hospital with severe burns on her legs
+(A lot of pain, risk of infection)
*His health:
+Blood clots

Kinyonga, Mshama and Martha

*Averaging 230
*Church-family marriages
*Spiritual battles (witchcraft big in the area)

Knickerbocker, Stephen and Julie
Burkina Faso, West Africa

*Search for church property to purchase
*To obtain his masters of ministry degree through a Bible college online program
*Summer activities
+Preaching seminar
+Family conference
+Teen camp
+Children’s Bible Club week
+Patriotic Sunday
+Friend Day

Missionary #173

*Speedy transition to the Philippines (about a month in the Manila area to care for her immigration process and paperwork, then transition to the Bicol region)
*Personal vehicle
*Permanent and safe housing
*Safety (rebels to lay down their arms)
*Souls saved

Lemma, Mike and Lidia

*Yearly trip to teen camp

Long, Dave and Terri

*Extension on their visas, which expire the end of July (or will have to close the church)

Morrissey, Mike and Ruth

*Final preparation for July 20 departure
*Smooth transition back to the field
*Quickly furnish their home and find a car
*God’s guidance as they plant a church in Dapitan City on the island of Mindanao

Pope, Becky
Medical Missions Outreach

*July 6-13 medical trip to Nicaragua, team of 65 (2 Hindu nurses to get saved)
*Future trips to Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Tanzania
*Her health and strength

Porterfield, Eric and Jessica
Blind Faith Ministries, South Sudan

*Money for the following:
+Property for churches in Northern Ugandan refugee camps
+August trip to Africa
+Africa Refugee Relief (help children in Uganda refugee camps separated from their parents and need food and the Gospel)
+Support for national pastors

Robideau, Rob and Grace

*Immediate need to find a new place for their church to meet, in or close to the village (have to vacate present site in less than three weeks)
*Money to expand the children’s feeding and Bible character training center to reach four times as many children each week ($1,500 to outfit two new classrooms; $400/month increase in monthly support)
*This will allow them to stay in Nepal on business visas
*Starting a new session on July 12 with 80 young people

Tevault, Bob and Susan

*Safety (do not travel north or west for now because of ISIL threats in Mindanao)
*Their ministry travels (travel restricted because of Martial Law)

Tutton, Ed and Carolyn
Teaching All Nations

*Health of daughters Karen Mendez and Kim Whitehead (healing of cancer)

Wilder, Daniel and Misty

*The missionaries they support
*As they help a couple start a church this year in Santa Rosa (that the couple can raise support in Guatemala)

Wynne, Joe and Kella

*Healthy pregnancy for Kella (dealing with infections and threat of premature birth)