Shari House Prayer Letter: 16th Anniversary of Team ThailandMay 1 marked the team’s 16th anniversary since our arrival. Some of you may or may not know that when Team Thailand first arrived in country, we were made up of six family units. The Bosjes, the Shooks, and I arrived on May 1; and the Inmans, the Arolds, and the Boyces joined us a couple of months later. Over the years, the “who” of Team Thailand has changed as different missionary families joined us for periods of time, retired off the field, or took positions of service elsewhere; but the “why” of Team Thailand has never changed. When I think back to all the Lord has done in us and through us during these 16 years, it is amazing. One of the greatest joys of working with a team is growing old together with your coworkers—your comrades for Christ’s sake, watching their children grow up, and supporting each other through the highs and lows of life. I thank the Lord for the “family” He has given me in them. I praise the Lord for the churches that have been started, for the thousands of souls that have been saved, and for the countless lives that have been touched through the ministries and outreaches of Team Thailand.

In mid-May, I had the privilege of hosting Miss Anna Long while she was here on her survey trip. She visited several ministries in different towns and ultimately decided to accept our offer to join our team. During her two weeks of time with us, not only did she help in our language school and children’s ministries at church, but she also helped me complete a project that Khun Radt, Pii Fa, and I have been working on for a while. We now have two years’ worth of Sunday school curriculum printed out with laminated story cards. She is going to be a wonderful asset to our ministry. If you think of her, please pray that Anna will be able to raise her support quickly and return to us soon. If you are looking for a new missionary to support, please consider her.

The last week of May, we hosted the BEST ministry’s first National Pastors’ Conference. What an amazing three days the Lord gave us. The BEST ministry, run by Dr. Curtis Hall, provides our churches and many others with free KJV Thai Bibles. What a blessing it is that our people can have a copy of God’s Word for their very own. Bro. Bob Gray Jr. was the keynote speaker, and the theme was “Always Abounding.” There were over 35 pastors and full-time workers present from all over the country. Our entire aim was for the national pastors to walk away encouraged to continue serving the Lord. My heart was so full by the end of the conference, the tears flowed easily. The preaching was powerful by Bro. Gray and the other men who preached. The church members from both IBCHH and IBCNP provided wonderful special music that drove home the truths from the conference. The fellowship was wonderful and encouraging. I loved getting to know some of these dear servants of God. The future is bright for Thailand, as the Lord continues to work and call nationals to full-time service.

Serving the Master joyfully,

Shari House