Scott Christiansen Prayer Letter:  A Visit from Nigeria“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” (III John 1:4) The last two months have been filled with activity and growth in our students and people at the International Baptist Church of Dumaguete City.

I have had a fuller schedule of classes lately, and it has given me a chance to become closer to our freshmen class. We teach modular classes, giving 12 hours of instruction in 1 week for 1 credit. I enjoyed teaching modules on “The Bible and Science,” “Homeschooling,” “Old Testament Survey III,” “Time Management,” “Baptist History,” “Psalms,” and “New Testament Survey I.” It is a privilege to teach the old-path truths to a new generation eager to learn.

On February 17, IBC had its annual couples’ activity, which is also a dating activity for our students. It is a joy to watch as the upperclassmen and graduates enter into proper relationships, resulting in engagements and marriage. This year’s theme was Better Together and was enjoyed by all.

Our church is making progress towards expanding our online “radio” broadcasts to actual FM broadcasting. Pastor DeMoville has also expanded our online app to include many helps for Christian growth and discipleship. We have built an enclosed, air-conditioned studio to be ready when the FM broadcasting equipment arrives. We have added a live prayer time on Saturday evenings, and God has blessed with many answers to prayer. If you are interested in listening to our station, you can go to

The soul-winning outreach continues to grow this year. Bro. Emirson Ubas is expanding our outreach into the public schools, with over 165 students trusting Christ this year, and continuing to train the same students once a week. Our Thursday night soul winning has been blessed with 555 led to Christ in February and March. So far this year, we have also seen 194 public professions of faith and 125 baptisms in our church services. Amen!

It was a real joy to have my youngest son Caleb and his family travel from Nigeria, where he and Emily are missionaries, to visit me for a week in late March. I was able to see their daughters, Emma and Lydia, for the first time. Having been in Dumaguete for six months in 2015, Caleb was able to renew friendships. Our church family enjoyed meeting them and being partners for soul winning. I am proud of the ministry they have now and for continuing in spite of many bouts of malaria, typhoid, and parasites. I enjoyed their fellowship and the love they have for their people. I was fun to see the contrast 7 years had made, as the “23 year” singles’ club was now the “30 year” married-with-kids’ club!

Thank you for your faithful praying and giving. It seems the world is getting very sick from sin, and we may not have much more time to reap a harvest before our Lord returns. Praise the Lord for folks like you who are still walking in truth. Keep on keeping on for the Lord!

Yours for souls in the Philippines,

Scott Christiansen

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The Ubas and Christiansens catch up after 7 years.
The “23 year” singles’ club is now the “30 year” married-with-kids’ club!