Ron and Laura Back Prayer Letter:  "Tracting" Around the Harbor and the Opera HouseGod is so good! We were able to go up to Sydney in May to deliver Persian Bibles to some Iranians at Pastor Keith Piper’s church. We are praising the Lord that, through you and the people who support BEAMS, we were able to give away 80 Farsi Bibles. I was also able to be a part of a Bible study with 6 newly converted Iranians. It was so fun to see new converts hungry for the Word of God.

I was also privileged to meet Pastor Tom Gonderman and go soul winning with his church. Laura had never been to the Opera House before, so we decided we would go “tracting” around the Opera House and the harbor area. We received a mixed bag of responses to our trying to give people tracts and witness to them. The Aussies were too busy running/jogging. Most of the people who received the tracts and spoke kindly to us were foreigners who were having a day out from the cruise ship docked in the harbor. The Lord only knows how many countries those tracts will end up in! All I can do is praise the Lord for the opportunity to be a vessel.

I also got to go soul winning with a man from Bro. Piper’s church at the train station in Seven Hills, New South Wales. We were having a really good time passing out tracts to heaps and heaps of people when one of the train officials came and ever so gently and respectfully had to remove us from the train platform. I didn’t realize that we were too close to the train station. At the end of 90 minutes, we had given out over 400 tracts. The man I was with was upset that we didn’t have any really good conversations. I reminded him that we gave those tracts to people in dire need of the Gospel.

A new BIMI missionary named Joshua Zacharias got together with me to do some reconnaissance on regional Australia. We were able to go soul winning in the city of Sale, Victoria. He is working with a national pastor in Melbourne who suggested he contact me as he prays about where he should possibly start a church. We had a wonderful time out soul winning, and we were received well by almost everyone we came in contact with. Josh was astonished at how friendly and receptive the folks out here in the country are. I explained to him the huge need for churches outside of the main city hubs. Please pray for Josh, as he needs a wife and also a clear direction for his ministry.

Please pray for souls to be saved in the prison. I just completed all of the training, and I am now getting ready to start going in. We also ask you to pray for souls to be saved and baptized and for more workers here in Australia.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia