Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Thankful and EncouragedI hope everyone is having a blessed summer! We thank the Lord, and we thank you for all of your prayers and support over the recent months. We rejoice with you over the Nong Phlap Church Land and Building Fund that many of you have contributed to. Through the recent Servants’ Conference-giving highlight, $38,733 has been contributed so far. With the Nong Phlap Church already raising $29,909, the total amount to date for the project stands at $68,642. What an amazing God we have! It’s never too late to give, and we will make sure every cent goes towards the Nong Phlap church land and/or buildings. In the memo of the check, please include “Nong Phlap Land #6480.” FBMI will send you a tax-deductible statement for your giving. Our Nong Phlap church families will thank you greatly with their hearts and service for Jesus.

The month of June carried ups and downs in Nong Phlap church attendances, with sicknesses looming. However, on Sunday, June 11, 2023, the church saw an attendance of 170 people. Two celebrations were happening on this day. The first was three years of being a full-time, independent church. Secondly, our FBC-Hammond missions-trip group of 17 servants attended, along with many Hua Hin church members (about 15). What a blessing it was to have everyone packed into both buildings and seated abundantly outside as well, while Bro. Mark Bosje preached a very helpful sermon. The missions-trip group included many faithful, wonderful, encouraging servants of God, most having graduated from Bible college already and serving. Others in the group are awaiting or in Bible college, looking circumspectly for God’s direction through the lens of a Thailand missions trip. The group saw at least 12 souls saved in Hua Hin as we blanketed a spiritually needy area of the city of Hua Hin. I had the blessing of visiting and soul winning with Bro. Edson Lopez, a motivated servant at City Baptist School, Hammond, Indiana, and Uriel Herrera, who will enter Hyles-Anderson College this year. Both of these Godly men saw precious souls saved as Star, our national assistant pastor, clearly translated for them. Praise the Lord! Four members of the missions group gave their testimonies to the Junior Church kids and teenagers of Nong Phlap. All of the testimony givers had a fun time doing a Q & A with the kids. Everyone was very much encouraged. Our family was also greatly blessed by this missions group through their fellowship, encouragement, and jovial spirits. My kids talked more with these newly met people, more so than I think they ever have before with any other newly met people. Sarah and I are super glad that our kids can lock in with good people from good churches. We greatly appreciate Bro. Bosje and FBMI for orchestrating the blessing of a missions trip while in Hua Hin and Nong Phlap. We also thank Pastor Ron Brown of Maryland for his time, love, and care for people, both visitors and us Thailanders.

Our Teaching All Nations discipleship program reached into Lesson #39. Bro. Greg Ogle and his wife Robin attended our June 28 Wednesday night service. Bro. Ogle is working hard to implement Teaching All Nations for many countries, pastors, teachers, and Christians. We had a good crowd that night, as both Bro. Ogle and Bro. Curtis Hall from BEST Missions attended and gave updates on their ministries. I taught that night, and we thank these men for their faithfulness towards the furthering of the Word of God and the teaching of the Word of God.

Through the providence of God, 31 souls were saved in the month of June out at Nong Phlap. These numbers do not include souls saved from the missions-trip group or the Hua Hin church totals. All of these 31 salvations came through individual soul-winning efforts, either out and about or at church with first-time visitors. One of those souls was Wanchai, age 41. Wanchai caught bits and pieces of the Gospel as we witnessed to a coworker about 20 feet away. Star and I used clear explanations of God’s Gospel plan, but the coworker seemed cold, thanking us, but declining. We didn’t realize it, but right behind us, Wanchai was picking opportune times to strike his hammer, being careful to catch what was being explained. As we finished with the coworker, it was break time, and everyone left for the shade, except for Wanchai. Wanchai came to us and said, “I know God and Jesus are important, but I just don’t know exactly why.” The Gospel put everything into perspective, and Wanchai was gladly, with rejoicing, saved. Just as we finished up encouraging Wanchai, the rain came down. Another of the 31 souls, Euahn, age 14, was met by my dear wife Sarah. We were visiting a family that had a little girl in the hospital for several days. The little girl recovered, and we wanted to encourage the family, as they had missed a week of work. Euahn, a next-door neighbor, had just come home from school, and she wanted to know how Jesus could take her to Heaven one day. She was very happy to trust Jesus as her Saviour.

Please pray for the souls saved this month and their growth in the Lord. Please pray for those who came over to Thailand in the missions group as they serve faithfully and seek the next steps in God’s will. What a fantastic group God prepared! Please pray for our search and surveys for optimal land in Nong Phlap. Your prayers always make a difference here. Thank you for all you do for the Lord!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family