Paul Sock Prayer Letter: A Catholic EasterThank you for your faithful prayers and support. We have seen God working here with the Polish people who attend the Gospel Baptist Church. A Polish woman, who came years ago and has come off and on since her first visit, came back to church after two years of not attending. Teresa came on a Sunday and sat through the entire meeting, which is not usual for her. She doesn’t like to listen to the messages, so she usually came late after the services. We have prayed for her and desire that she would want the Lord in her life. She has many problems: psychologically, mate-rially, and emotionally.

In Poland, Easter is a big holiday, and traditionally people spend time with family or friends. On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, people go to the Catholic church carrying a basket with eggs, Polish sausage, and a few other items in it. The priest sprinkles some “holy” water on all the baskets. Then the people take their baskets home and eat some of the food, believing that on Easter morning their breakfast is blessed food. They believe this will give them a blessed year. Then they typically have large dinners together in their homes. All the shops, restaurants, and businesses are closed on Sunday and Monday. The only thing you can get is gas and basic products at small convenience shops.

On a personal level, we have had a few difficulties recently. Jolie was admitted to the hospital for a week to do some tests because she was having soreness and weakness in her legs. She is back home now and seems to be doing well. A doctor told her in October that she has anemia. The recent blood tests confirm that her blood iron level is even lower. Please pray for her to regain her strength. I got tennis elbow after lifting heavy baggage, which we brought back in January from the United States. The doctor is having me do exercises and put ice and a heating pad on it. Pray that my arm will heal and that the discomfort will go away.


Peter and his wife Marta

Peter goes witnessing with me regularly on the streets. He is a real blessing, as he also feels the burden for the Polish people to be saved. We have been able to present the Gospel to half of the people we have talked with. Many people are very scared to talk about spiritual matters and remain silent, but we have had many very good talks with others.

• Please continue to pray for our health and safety.
• Pray for the Polish people to come to the knowledge of salvation.
• Pray for Gospel Baptist Church to continue to grow in unity.

In His harvest,

Paul Sock