Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Fruitful MonthsWe had the great blessing of hosting a group of men from our home church in the United States, who spent a few days with us. All of the men gave testimonies in the service of how they got saved. The mission pastor preached the morning message. The people who attended the service all said that they felt encouraged and blessed by the testifying and the preaching. After church, we had a Polish dinner with some native foods. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship.

The group of men who came from the First Baptist Church of Hammond brought a lot of tracts in the Ukrainian language. They helped to distribute literature while here. One time when they were passing out tracts to the line of people waiting for UNICEF help, they had workers come out and ask them to stop passing out the literature. Unfortunately, this happens many times here when we try to do ministry work. It gets frustrating to be told constantly to stop or to be told that we’re not allowed to do things.

Many have prayed for Jolie and asked about her condition. She is doing much better. She is improving slowly. We are planning to come to the States, possibly in August. Pray for our travel plans to work out according to our needs.

Several people interested in our church have called me and talked for several hours. A lady with two sons is planning to come, but she doesn’t have a vehicle. She has a lot of health needs, so it would be difficult for her to come. I recently offered to pick her up for Sunday service, so she is planning to come. A new man called two months ago to get information before meeting with me. Two months later, he called again and told me he had been busy but still wanted to meet and discuss what he had read in a tract he received. Often people contact me and want to meet personally and have a discussion before they are willing to attend the church service. Pray for this man to get saved.

A homeless man had been attending regularly, but he wasn’t saved. We had attempted to witness to him many times. One Sunday after church and our church dinner together (we eat together after service every Sunday), there was a good opportunity to witness to Mr. A___. That day, Mr. A___ trusted Christ as his Saviour. Mr. A had been telling me he was planning to leave Warsaw and go to another city. I encouraged him to be baptized. However, he hasn’t come back to church since he received Christ. Pray for him to come and grow. Olga is a Ukrainian woman who attends our church sometimes. She wanted to come because her boyfriend would attend too. There was a problem between her and the boyfriend, and he stopped coming. I have witnessed to her many times, and another Ukrainian lady has also witnessed to her. Pray that Olga will come back to church and open her heart to Christ.

One man who came to church got saved and baptized and seemed to be excited about growing in the Lord, but he went back into his old ways. He started drinking alcohol and eventually left the church. This man had painted our church walls upstairs and was really being a help before the Devil got him back. Pray for Mr. P___. An 88-year-old lady in the church went outside during the service because she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get some fresh air. She saw a Ukrainian family walking by, and she invited them to come in to the service. They gladly followed her into the building and were eagerly listening to the preaching. After the service, we learned that they are believers too. They enjoyed our fellowship time after the service, and we sent some food with them. The family are refugees. The man has a prosthetic leg, so he was going to UNICEF for help. He got a new prosthesis from UNICEF. The family lives in another city about three hours from the church. Pray that the man can find work in Warsaw so they can attend our church.

Matt and Rachael Shriner are a couple that have been called to Poland. They will work with us as they study the language. Our foundation should be able to sponsor them to get a visa to stay in Poland. Pray that all of the details will be worked out accordingly. It will be an encouragement to have a coworker to help develop the Gospel Baptist Church and also help start other churches here in needy Poland. We ask that you pray and consider supporting this fine couple who want to come and help us in the Gospel Baptist Church in Warsaw, Poland. They have 60% of their support raised and would love to be on the field by August 2022. If you or anyone else want more information about them, you can visit the Shriners’ website.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock