James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: The African ConnectionI always appreciate your prayers for Linda and me as we serve Jesus through this ministry of missionary evangelism. I thought I would start with a follow-up on a few things I mentioned to you in my last letter.

The trip I took to Poland, along with five other men, went well. We were able to see the work there in Warsaw, get to understand the medical situation of the missionary and his wife, and pray about how we could help them. Since arriving back home, God brought about the help the missionary needed through someone there in Poland, so there will be no need for me to go to Poland. We are thankful God met the need of this fine missionary couple. On our way back to the States, we stopped off in Ireland to see another missionary and the work there. It was a blessing for me to visit with them since I had overseen the church there a few years back when the family was on furlough.

The French-speaking Sunday school class at our church continues to see visitors almost weekly. Recently, I was able to invite a Bible college student to the class to see if he could help us minister to these people. He is from Haiti and speaks French. I will be preaching out quite a bit, so he will be filling in for me. This is an answer to our prayer, for the short-term anyway, of having a French-speaking teacher. He plans to be a missionary, so we still need to find a more permanent French-speaking teacher. Please continue to pray about that. Pray also that those who get saved will follow the Lord in baptism. I praise the Lord that I was able to lead a French interpreter’s wife to Christ. This means that all of the adults in his family are now saved. I was able to lead a visitor to Christ, and he followed the Lord in baptism. Then this month, a couple I led to Christ many months ago (I mentioned them in my March letter) recently got baptized. Here are pictures of them getting baptized.

In our travels, Linda and I were able to take short trips to visit two of our married children who live in Missouri. Jim and his wife and children live in the Kansas City area. Beth Ann and her husband and children live near Fort Leonard Wood. We then were able to spend a few days of relaxation in Upper Michigan.

Please pray as we continue to travel to churches in the USA. I just finished preaching in a Missions Conference, and I will be preaching in patriotic Sunday services, filling in for a pastor, and teaching in a Missions Training Conference in the upcoming weeks. Here is a link for a message I recently preached at my home church; the preaching starts around minute 43.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle