Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Eager to Get to the FieldYour prayers are greatly appreciated and greatly needed. It feels like my wife and I haven’t sat still for some time now. With our traveling schedule keeping us away as much as it has, we decided to move out of our home base in Indiana. We are now officially homeless and even more eager to get to the field and settle into a new home there. We sold a lot of our belongings and have the rest boxed up in families’ garages for when we are ready to pack for our move.

Sorry to all of our friends suffering in the negative temperatures of the Midwest. We have avoided some of that, as we’ve been traveling South, in Texas mostly. We thank the Lord for safety, as we have put quite the miles on our car.

We have been to some great churches and conferences. One of the best parts of deputation is how often we get to be in church to be challenged and encouraged. Praise the Lord for the new churches that have taken us on while we try to raise the last of the support we need.

Prayers for Visas

One of the benefits of going to Taiwan is that we can go openly as missionaries. There is still a lot of preparation that must be done for our visa application, and we need prayer to be able to get these things done quickly. Our next step is to get the kids vaccinated. R___ and I have chosen to do dissolvable vaccines for W___ and B___, as opposed to an injection, since W___ has had bad reactions to some vaccines in the past. These will take several weeks to administer before we can complete the health-certification portion of our visa application. There is more paperwork to assemble before we can submit our application and then a waiting period before we can get confirmation that the application was accepted. We are preparing all of these things while we are on the road, but some parts can’t be accomplished until we are back in Indiana.

We are pushing to be ready to leave by summer. We plan on working initially with the F___ family in Taiwan, and Bro. S___ F___ has plans to start a new church plant around the same time. There is much to accomplish between now and then. We desire to go to the field today, and in comparison, any amount of time we need to wait seems too long. So, we are trusting God in His timing for all of the pieces to come together when they should. Please pray that our family can have joy and work hard to do our part while we move forward.

Prayers for Souls

Being in church and getting to go soul winning are the two things that really keep us grounded, as our schedule seems to change each week. There is nothing, I believe, more rewarding than sharing the Gospel. I praise the Lord for the souls saved as we are on the road. I would also ask that you all pray a special prayer for W___, who has been asking questions recently about salvation. We have a burden for the lost souls in China, in Taiwan, even everywhere; but it has been a special prayer request for R___ and me recently that the Holy Spirit would keep working on W___’s heart and that he would accept Christ soon.

I am often humbled when I think about the number of people who know our family and pray for us regularly. Please know that we do not take that for granted, that we pray for you, and that we are deeply motivated to be worthy investments. Thank you for your giving, and thank you for your prayers. We are praying for you.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013