Andrew and Laura Steers Prayer Letter: Declaring the Works of the LordPsalm 118:17 – “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”

Whenever the trials of life come to us as Christians, how do we each respond? In the first instance, it should never be a question of “Why me?” but of asking the Lord how that trial can be used to bring glory and honor to Him. Easier said than done, right? Praise God, it is His grace and mercy that let us wake up each morning to face another day.

Though Laura did not have the best results from her latest PET scan, she continues to do what she can. Yes, she is almost constantly tired, as well as often feeling unwell. If there is one, however, who radiates Christ about her face, it is she. Almost everyone who sees her says, “You look good!” Her oncologist even remarked the same recently. She was able to knock on doors with me for about 40 minutes last week. A dear friend let us know of some apartments nearby that are close together and do not have steps—just the kind of area Laura needs. We plan to visit there on Saturday, Lord willing.

While waiting for Laura to have a scan at the hospital, I met Galen. He was waiting for his mother to return from her scan. What a joy it was to share the Gospel with him and see him accept Jesus into his heart that day. To see the reaction on his elderly mother’s face after learning of his decision was priceless. She was a believer who had been praying for him. Right there in the waiting room, she began to do the “Thank You, Jesus” shuffle, praising the Lord for saving her son.

In the previous letter, I requested prayer for Jason to be saved. He is a truck driver and is away quite a bit. I learned from his wife that they have been separated for the past three years, while sharing custody of their three children. She had told Laura she is saved and goes to another church. She began to cry as she recounted her efforts to restore their marriage and to attend counseling. They both are lovely people, and we are praying for Jason’s salvation and for the Lord to bring healing to their relationship.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray that the Lord will give Laura daily strength to handle both the monoclonal antibodies and the chemotherapy treatments, which can be so wearing at times.
2. Pray that I can catch Jason at home and that he will be saved. Also, pray for his wife and children in this situation.
3. Pray that Galen will visit church with his wife and children.
4. Pray that the Lord will give Laura the strength to go soul winning and that the Lord would prepare hearts to be receptive to the Gospel.

In His great love and mercy, thank you for your continued support.

Andrew L. Steers