Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Spiritual GrowthLast month we requested prayer that we get Ben’s official Ghanaian birth certificate. Praise the Lord—we now have it! This will allow us to apply for Ben’s U.S. passport. Thank you for praying!

Please let me share some of what God is doing in our Common Faith Adult Sunday School Class:

Grace has been a faithful member of our class for several years now. She cannot read or speak English, but recently she showed how she has been following our church’s Bible-reading and Bible-study plan with the help of her teenage daughter.
Agnes brought her adult children, Evelyn and Prince, to our church recently. Both have gotten saved and baptized, and Evelyn has already started following our church’s weekly Bible-study plan as well.
Jacob brought his friend Eric to our class earlier this year. Eric has now been saved and has started going through our discipleship lessons. As he gets through each booklet, he comes to me with some great questions!
• I won Dickson to Christ in his home four years ago, but he did not start coming faithfully until last year. After putting it off for too long, he finally got baptized this past Sunday.
• This past Sunday Teresa’s husband came to our church with her for the first time. This is very significant, because many married folks in Ghana do not attend the same church as their spouse.
• Although Margaret has been saved for a while, she just recently started coming more faithfully.
Maxwell went soul winning with me this past Saturday, and we were able to win to Christ the lady from whom our family buys vegetables.
Michael and Mavis, a young married couple in my class, came to our monthly prayer meeting for the first time.
Bright lost his right leg above the knee due to a soccer injury. (I wrote about this in my March prayer letter.) He has been coming faithfully since March. On a recent Sunday night, he was baptized and plans to join our church on Sunday. I was so pleased when he bought himself a Bible several weeks ago.
Joyce volunteered to visit Simon, one of our class’s shut-ins.
Bernard is still preaching the Gospel over a megaphone in his village—at 3 a.m. in the morning!
Eric, Millicent, Emmanuel, James, Winston, Charity, Esther, Twumasi, Michael, and Ben all volunteered to call some of our class members who have not been as faithful recently.

As I look over my Sunday school roster, I thank God for allowing me to be an eyewitness of His glory as He works in the lives of our church members. I know it will make a difference if you would take time to pray for the class members mentioned above.

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Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben