Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: God Is Still Working in This FamilyAt the end of March, I won Dennis Amponsah to Christ. At the end of April, he was paralyzed by a work accident. Through the generosity of many, he had surgery to repair his spine mid-June. Two letters ago, I wrote about how God was working in the lives of Dennis and his family. As of that writing mid-June, 11 friends and family members had come to church, 14 had been saved, and 4 had been baptized. God is still at work:

Wednesday, June 20 – Dennis’ aunt, Grace Homenya, was baptized.
Saturday, June 23 – I met Dennis and Safia’s daughter, Monica Boakye, and won her to Christ.
Sunday, June 24 – Monica came to church for the first time and was baptized.
Monday, June 25 – The doctors approved for Dennis to be released from the hospital if he could pay the hospital bill. Money had been raised for the surgery but not for all the miscellaneous expenses.
Wednesday, June 27 – Vida, Safia’s sister, trusted Christ.
Thursday, June 28 – Our church donated a wheelchair for Dennis. God used a church in Kentucky to provide $275 to pay Dennis’ remaining hospital bill, so Dennis came home from the hospital!
Saturday, June 30 – I visited Dennis in his home. I met his niece Rakia and won her to Christ.
Sunday, July 1 – Rakia came to church for the first time and was baptized.
Tuesday, July 17 – I started having a Bible study with Dennis in his home each Tuesday.
Sunday, August 5 – Dennis’ son Francis was baptized.
Monday, August 6 – Peter won one of Dennis’ nurses to Christ.
Sunday, August 19 – Safia, Rakia, Janet, Francis, and Samuel joined our church (pictured above).
Monday, August 20 – At long last, Dennis started physical therapy. He has feeling in his legs, but he is far from being able to stand on his own. His bladder and bowel control have not yet been restored.
Saturdays, September 1, 8, & 15 – Samuel and Francis went soul winning with us.
Sundays, September 9 & 16 – Safia’s family brought 5 first-time visitors to church.
Tuesday, September 11 – Dennis’ three youngest children—Johnson, Prosper, and Gifty—enrolled in our Christian school.

Prayer Requests

Rent here must be paid at least a year in advance; their rent of $505 for the next year is past due. Safia and Samuel are working, but they only earn about $100 per month; they lack $540 per month for food, medical expenses, and necessities. In spite of this family’s hardship, they have been extremely faithful to church. Our family and church are helping as we are able. Dennis hopes to sell a vehicle and some land, which might bring in about $6,000; pray for these things to sell. Pray also for Dennis’ healing, for the family’s growth in grace and wisdom, and for more to be reached for Christ. In case God touches your heart to help financially, gofundme.com/HelpDennisWalkAgain is still active, or you may send a check to FBMI (address below) with “#6180 (Dennis)” in the memo section. Thank you!

Michael Sarver