Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Praise God for and Pray for PaulAbout 2½ years ago, I met a young man named Paul. He thought he was going to Heaven because he did not sin. My soul-winning partner, Julius Bartuah, preached the Gospel to him. Paul understood his need for salvation and placed his faith in Christ. Soon thereafter, Paul came to church and was baptized. Paul also completed our discipleship program. But then he had to go away to boarding school in order to complete high school. Before he left and when he came back for visits, he would ask for tracts to share with his classmates.

When Paul completed school, he moved back to this area, started attending church, and began coming soul winning with us on Saturdays once again. He joined our choir. He brought me to his home, where I was able to win his mother and one of his neighbors to Christ. He was attending all of our services, but then he got a job that would only allow him to come on Sunday mornings. When I asked him about it, he said he was selling drinks. I said “What kind of drinks?” He said, “All kinds of drinks—soft and hard.” I messaged him several Bible verses about alcohol. To Paul’s credit, and to the glory of God, Paul quit his job. Within a week or so, God had provided him a good job. I tell him this new job is a “real man’s job.” He works at a shop (pictured below) that sells metal pipes and sheets that welders use to make things like gates and doors.

Paul is back to coming to church every service and singing in his choir. Although his schedule does not allow him to attend our soul-winning meeting, he is still a soul winner. He invited me to his shop; and, with my class member Patrice Asante’s help, he was able to win his boss and the secretary to Christ. Recently, I gave him a book to read, The Teenage Years of Christ by Jerry Ross, and Paul read it in a week. He said it helped him. (I highly recommend this book for young people and church workers alike.)

Prayer Requests

Would you pray for Paul to continue to grow in grace? Maybe you could add him to your prayer list near my family’s name. Paul’s desire is to study music and to learn how to play various instruments. I know God has great plans for him; He has great plans for each of us. Paul has five(!) sisters; please pray for them to be saved.

Also, pray for our Sunday school class and church; April is our Visitor-Emphasis Month. Pray for many visitors and many souls to be saved. Our family will be on furlough June and July; we are dropping John off at Bible college. Please pray that we will be a blessing to individuals and churches as we travel. Pray for John to be used of the Lord.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver

FBMI Missionary Mike Sarver Prayer Letter Picture

Convert Paul at his workplace