Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: What a Day May Bring ForthProverbs 27:1 says, “. . . thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” Our family certainly found that to be true in May. On May 1, Abbie woke up to find a message on her phone that her father was on life support, and before the day was over, he had gone to Heaven. He had seemed in decent health just the day before.

Of course, Abbie wanted to go to her father’s funeral and to support her mother, but Abbie was 36 weeks pregnant at the time! By God’s grace, we were already scheduled to see the doctor that day, so we were quickly able to get a doctor’s note stating that she was fit to fly. However, our doctor said that unless we already knew an OB/GYN in the U.S., we probably would not find someone willing to take the risk in clearing her to fly back to Ghana. So, if Abbie went to the U.S., she might not be able to come back until after giving birth and the new baby got her passport— meaning three or four months away from Ghana. Of course, the rest of the family would also have to join Abbie during that time.

We really didn’t want to be gone from our ministry for so long and so unexpectedly, so we prayed a lot. On a chance Google search, we found out that Delta does not restrict pregnant passengers. Even our travel agent had not known that! God enabled us to get last-minute tickets for Abbie, but the three kids and I had to stay behind.

Abbie had a rough start to her trip back to the U.S., as the airline which was to fly Abbie from Kumasi to Accra did not care about her doctor’s note. They do not allow anyone past 34 weeks to get on the plane! We had to hire a charter car to drive Abbie from Kumasi to the airport in Accra before her international flight left. That driver practically flew; he did a five- to six-hour drive in only four hours! From that point, Abbie’s travels went fairly smoothly.

I was left to take care of my five-, four-, and two-year-old children for two weeks! Thankfully, the other families on our team, particularly the wives, took pity on me and helped with some meals and watching the kids at times. Once again, I was so thankful to be on a team!

We were also surprised in the month of May by the death of one of the teachers at our school. Vivian cut her toes on a rock while she was out soul winning. The cuts got infected, and the infection was difficult to treat due to her diabetes. One of her toes was amputated, and it seemed like she was getting better. Then, for an unknown reason, she took a turn for the worse and ended up dying, leaving behind a husband, two teenage children, and an eight-year-old. Her funeral will be on June 17. Please pray that people will be saved.

Please continue to pray for our S.M.I.T.E. camp coming up June 19–23. Please pray that many soul winners will be trained and that many children will be saved as a result of this year’s camp.

Lastly, please pray for my wife, as she is about to deliver our fourth child any day now.

Fruit to Your Account

I went to the small provision store to follow up with Felix, a teenage boy to whom I had witnessed the week before. However, I did not find Felix there; I found Yvonne, the mother of two children in our school.
Yvonne is quite friendly, and I have wished to witness to her in the past, but there was never enough time. Now, however, God had dropped an opportunity into my lap! It took some time, but Yvonne finally understood that her good works do nothing to earn God’s forgiveness, and she put her faith in Jesus as her only hope of Heaven! I was so excited to finally have the chance to witness to this parent!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen