Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: Missions ConferenceThe month of December is always exciting because we have our Missions Conference during the first week of December. We support missionaries on a monthly basis. The missionaries we support are Filipinos of like faith and doctrine, whom the Lord is sending to other countries such as Nepal, Cambodia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Haiti, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Qatar, Thailand, Uganda, Botswana, Bolivia, Vietnam, Zambia, and Bangladesh. These Filipino missionaries can often live in countries where Westerners cannot. Some of these missionaries are recognized only as students, business owners, or teachers and cannot be called missionaries. We also support local church planters in the Philippines. We support a total of 39 missionaries, both foreign and local church planters. Your support also goes to these countries as you continue to support us. Many souls are being saved, and lives are being changed. Your missions support for us does not stop in the Philippines, but it continues around the world.

During our Missions Conference, we challenged the people to give to reach the lost and those who have not heard the Gospel. We took a missionary on for support who is going to Indonesia. Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country with almost 280 million in population. I believe that soul-winning and church-planting missionaries are the key to reaching these countries with the Gospel. The photos are of our people dressed in the clothing of other countries for our Missions Conference.

As we look back in 2022, we see the Lord’s blessings and mercies. Hundreds of souls have been saved through soul winning, Bible studies, children’s ministries, and through other missionaries.

Our family will be returning to the U.S. for furlough. Please let us know soon if you want us to come by and visit during our furlough in 2023–2024.

Mark and Kim Palmani
Anastasia, Rachel, and AJ
Your Missionaries to the Philippines