thumbnail of Hannel Marco March 2024 Prayer Letter – RevisedA Direct Answer to Prayer

We are so thankful for our oldest son Enoch accepting Jesus as his own personal Saviour on February 18, the day before his seventh birthday! We praise God for allowing me to lead him in prayer and to witness this sweet answer to prayer.

Big Heart Meeting

Our sending church had their Big Heart Meeting in February, and we enjoyed the wonderful fellowship with other missionaries and believers who came to be with us. I had the opportunity to teach the Sunday school lesson to start the meeting on Sunday morning.

Missions Conference

We so enjoyed the Missions Conference at Highland Hills Baptist Church in Highland, Michigan, at the beginning of March. Satan was trying to discourage us that week with some difficulties and sicknesses, but God showed His love through the sweet people of Highland Hills. We saw their big heart for missions and heard some practical help on missions from the speaker. I was also able to fix one of their buses.

God Is Calling

God is calling men and women to stand in the gap and serve Him with their lives. We are praising the Lord for a few surrendering to serve in the Bus Ministry!

Prayer Requests

  • Upcoming Kids’ Rally in Illinois
  • Salvation of our children
  • More meetings

Keep the Buses Going,

The Hannel Family
Marco & Lauretta
Enoch, Alice, Reese, & Daisy
Luke 14:23