Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter: Moving to the BahamasTheresa and I spent the month of December in Abaco, Bahamas, as aforementioned in our last prayer letter. While there, we randomly passed out over 500 flyers and Bible tracts and held Sunday services and Tuesday night prayer meetings. On our fourth Sunday in Abaco (December 25), there were 17 in attendance.

As we cannot return to our ministry in Haiti at this time, we have plane reservations to return to Abaco on January 21, with a permanent intent. We will be working with Tim and RoseAnne Bower, who serve through Open Door Baptist Missions of Greenville, South Carolina. We have partnered with them since 2012 while serving together in Haiti.

Our goal with the Haitians in Abaco will be very similar to our former work in St. Raphael: to establish local churches and to develop a facility to train pastors and other full-time Christian workers.

Thank you so much for what you did for us in 2022. We are indeed humbled and grateful for your prayers and faithful giving.

Theresa and I are completing a medical and a to-do checklist. While in a transient manner, we continue to do door-to-door evangelism here in Fort Myers. Recently, in a four-block stretch, we were privileged to lead two adult men, Hodges and Ire, to the Lord. We were blessed to pick up Mr. Ire for services at Emmanuel Baptist Church.


Keith and Theresa