Please read our school update below after reading our prayer letter.

Henry and Tammie Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Old Year Praises - New Year AnticipationsWe are a few days into the new year. I am amazed at how God has been so merciful to us.

• The year 2022 was our first official school year as a government-certified school. The John Bunyan Christian School had a great school year, ending with Kindergarten Graduation. The four K-5 graduates are all children of the first generation of children we worked with when the church was started 25 years ago. What an incredible blessing it was to think of how God’s mercy and grace have been over this new generation—the first to be reared in a Christian home! Oh, the potential of these precious lives is an overwhelming thought. God has been so good.
• The year 2022 was a banner year for our soul- winning efforts and for the discipleship of new converts. So far, 556 souls have come to Christ through personal soul winning. I have personally taken 5 men through the first level of a new-convert discipleship program.
• The year 2022 revealed a new group of people to be reached with the Gospel. I pray that in 2023, we will be able to reach many of these forgotten people. God has brought a small number of English-speaking people to our church. It is our prayer that God will use us to reach out to a growing number of former U.S. residents who, through difficult circumstances, find themselves living in their birth country. We plan to open a new Sunday school class in English. These deported people are more comfortable speaking English and feel at home with our family. Several times Tammie has cooked an American-style breakfast for them, and they enjoy it so much. They are going through culture shock in their own native country. Please pray as we endeavor to find and reach these precious people with God’s grace.
• The year 2022 was a year of great blessing in our family. Among the many blessings, our son and his wife, Daniel and Megan, started deputation to raise the necessary support to join us in the work here in El Salvador. I am humbled that our son would want to work with us. We are thrilled at the opportunities of growth with their coming to serve in this ministry.
• The 2022 Annual Pastors’ Conference was the best one we have ever had. The attendance was phenomenal, and the response to God’s calling was unprecedented in our church.
• Youth Camp was also a red-letter event. We had 65 young people from 3 different churches attend. What a thrill it was to observe 3 of our Bible institute graduates simply take over all of the planning and execution of the entire week. Tammie and I taught a couple of times and enjoyed the week. Of the 65 young people who attended, 63 made a public decision to serve the Lord in some capacity. We have seen our youth group, under the faithful leadership of Jimmy Trujillo, flourish this year. They all carry heavy burdens that are being used to focus their intentions on pleasing their Saviour. What a great God we have!
• Here in 2023, I wonder what God will bring and allow this year. No matter what, I know He will be faithful. I know that His ways and leading will be for the best of His work and His servants.
• The year 2023 will present challenges in our work. I already foresee some, as I imagine you do as well, in the ministry in which you serve and lead. One of the blessings of this next year is that as we open our junior high and high school levels at the John Bunyan Christian School, we are excited that we already have five students in these two educational levels. Please take the time to read our John Bunyan Christian School Update, which is included in this prayer letter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy update and praise report. We appreciate your prayers and investment for and in this work of reaching El Salvador for Christ. We are encouraged by your faithfulness.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez


Henry and Tammie Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Old Year Praises - New Year AnticipationsWe praise the Lord for allowing us to be able to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Education of El Salvador (MINED), thus permitting us to operate legally as a certified school. This year we have been approved to expand the grade levels we offer to cover first grade through high school.

Along with government approval come government requirements and regulations with which we must comply. One of these financially binding requirements is that we must hire a teacher for every grade level even if we only have one or two students in that classroom. Since we are a new school, the revenue from student registration and tuition is very low.

• We currently have the following monthly expenses:
• Our monthly tuition income is:
• Last year we had $475.00, on average, designated to the school each month. It was a great blessing, but it is obviously not enough.
Until our student-body numbers increase, we will need extra support for this ministry. If you would like to sponsor our school with whatever amount, we would greatly appreciate it.

We are also looking for advice on how to raise the funds here in El Salvador. Ideas on starting a revenue-producing business, that would not only provide funds for the school but would also employ at least one head of household, would be welcome.

This is a worthy ministry to support. There are 10 families represented in our student body. Six full-time teachers, a school principal, a school secretary, as well as a legal financial accountant, are being employed by the school. Our faculty and staff are either members of our church or are active members of a church of like faith.
We are excited about what is in store for the school this coming year and in the years to come.

How you can help sponsor the school:

1. Please pray for us; we need wisdom as we lead in this baby ministry.
2. Consider giving a monthly amount to help cover the expenses of running the school.
3. Consider investing a large sum in a business endeavor that would help support the school on a long-term basis.
4. If you have business experience and have some ideas for us to start a business that would help us generate more financial income for the school, please reach out to us.
5. In addition to the monthly needs, the school needs 4 student desks ($50.00 each), 3 teacher desks ($125.00 each), 4 computers (vary in price), a desktop printer, classroom furniture ($300.00), and lab equipment ($100.00).
We consider this a worthy investment for future generations of Christian leaders. May God help us as we strive to please Him in this important work.

How to send financial aid:

• Mail checks to: FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, Indiana 46320. Please make checks payable to FBMI, with a note designating the “El Salvador School Project.”
• You may also go to the FBMI website and make an electronic donation to my name: Henry Gonzalez #19, with a note designating the “El Salvador School project.”
• I am available by Google Voice at 956-283-5490 to share any advice about starting a business for the financial aid of the school.

Thank you for reading this update on our school project. Thank you for prayerfully considering taking part in this ministry.

Henry and Tammie Gonzalez