Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter:  Medical and Furlough UpdateThis letter may prove to be more of a medical update than a ministry report, but these are the events dominating our lives right now.


At the end of April, we left the Bahamas for Theresa to be admitted to Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, for treatment of an infection. After five days of IV antibiotics, she was released, and her recovery has gone well. We needed to get Stateside because of the lack of medical care in Abaco.

In May, I developed a heart issue better known as atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is quite common, I believe. My doctor, Dr. Dennis Streeter, referred me to a cardiology department in Hobart, Indiana. The cardiologist is using diagnostic testing to help determine the cause of the arrhythmia. After all of the data has been gathered, I will be advised as to what procedure I may need.


During this time of an unexpected medical furlough, we have enjoyed having the opportunity to reconnect with many pastors, churches, and friends in Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana.


On a sadder note, we did not know the missionary couple that was recently killed in Haiti, nor did we know the Haitian gentleman who assisted them. The gangs are still vying for power, terrorizing where they please.


While on door-to-door evangelism in our city of Marsh Harbour, Theresa and I encountered Henri. After explaining from Proverbs 27:1 that tomorrow is uncertain, Henri wanted to be certain about his eternal state and straightway called on the Lord for forgiveness.


Keith & Theresa Baker