Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Building ProjectThank you for your prayers as we have stepped out by faith with the building project! God has been so good. He has protected the workers and our family. By God’s grace, the foundation, columns, and second floor are in. We have used up all available funds and are unable to complete this project without your help! Please consider what you can do to help.

I have been working on installing the electricity myself this month. We have not hired any professionals other than what is necessary. The wall is only three feet tall on the second floor, and there is much more work yet to be done. We need windows, the rest of the walls put in, a metal roof, plaster, paint, cement flooring, a baptistery, changing rooms, a bathroom, and a mothers’ room in order for the second story to be ready for use. We are also working on re-plastering and painting the first-floor walls and preparing it for use as soon as possible.

The workers have been able to do the work in a timely manner, yet the church people are still very anxious to get back to our own building. We thank the Lord for Evani, who has graciously offered to hold services on her carport and use her living room for the children’s church and nursery. Although her home is only a few blocks away, the church people say it is so far away. Most do walk to church, so a few blocks does make a difference!

We thank the Lord for the visitors almost every service and souls being saved each time we go out soul winning. Praise the Lord! We thank the Lord for the ones who are coming out on Saturday soul winning, allowing us to split up into at least six teams at times. The ladies have also been able to split up into three teams. We have had several new visitors from the apartments and homes near the home where we are meeting temporarily. Renato and Andrea thanked me for counseling them through a trial in their marriage. They appreciate the Bible study and are becoming more faithful to services. Andrea says her family is calling them fanatics, and they don’t understand why Renato and Andrea don’t participate in their parties anymore. Amen!

Lillian and Eduardo are planning to get married soon. Lillian said she received a tract from our son Juan and decided she would visit our church. She, Eduardo, and her three soon-to-be stepsons all trusted Christ as Saviour during the invitation. Amen! Mani and Alfredi are faithful to church and discipleship class. One night when we had them in for pizza, the kids enjoyed learning many new words in French. Mani’s father recently passed away. We were praying for his Muslim father in Africa.

We thank the Lord for providing a young lady to help Amy with homeschooling for a short time. This has been a great encouragement to us, as the children love school. Amy is also now able to accompany me on more visits, which is an encouragement to me. We appreciate your prayers for the children’s schooling, as you can imagine what a challenge it is to keep everyone on track, especially with sand, rock, and cement trucks showing up at our house all the time. The older kids have been a great help with cleaning up after the day’s work and running for tools. Pray for the children’s safety, as we live in the midst of a construction zone. The children are anxious to get outside and play, yet it is not safe for them.

Please continue to pray for our family’s health. Amy has had a severe reaction to the dust and pollution and is fighting a sinus infection, as well as difficulty breathing. She is also still suffering from neck and back pain, which limits her daily household marathons that she tries to accomplish each day. The children have all had flu and cold symptoms as well recently.

May the Lord bless your time in prayer and your sacrificial giving. We thank you for taking part in this ministry.

The Vallejo Family