Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: MilestonesThis year, I have passed some great milestones in my life. September 25 marked 10 years that I have been a missionary on the mission field, and June 25 marked 20 years that I have been a Christian. Wow! God has truly been faithful in my life! I am now trying to teach about and pass on God’s faithfulness and goodness in my two Bible college classes, which I teach at a nearby sister church. In one of my classes, Missionary Methods, I asked them about the calling of God on each of their lives, and half of my class of 18 wrote that they wanted to be a missionary. Pray that I can be a help to them as they seek to do God’s will in their lives. Our church currently has 5 young people enrolled in this Bible college. Two of them, John Togle and Noel Paslon, have said that they are willing to be missionaries, and another one, Armando Albios, is praying about being a missionary to Thailand. Please pray that these young men would do whatever God has called them to do. Please also pray for a former Bible college student of mine by the name of Marvin Lebria; he just started deputation here in the Philippines to go to Brunei as a missionary. I just found out recently that he was called to be a missionary when I taught his missions class several years ago. I thank God for the opportunities He has given me to influence lives for Christ!

In relation to missions, our church had a small missions/soul-winning trip to the southern part of our island on November 1. November 1 is a special holiday in the Philippines called All Saint’s Day, when everybody goes to the cemetery to honor and remember their loved ones who have died. We always take this opportunity to witness and pass out Gospel tracts to the hundreds of people who are at the cemetery. We traveled more than 3 hours from our church with 40 soul winners to a town called Bindoy. The challenge that we faced there is that they speak a different dialect from us, but most of them know and understand English. For the first time in my life, I did some street preaching at the cemetery. How exciting it was to boldly preach in Jesus’ name in public! At the end of the day, we passed out hundreds of tracts and had 228 professions of faith! Praise the Lord!

Please continue praying for our church building construction. We were able to have our first Saturday morning prayer meeting on the second floor of our building even though it doesn’t have a roof yet. God continues to bless our family and our church! Thank you for the prayers!

We cease not to teach and preach Jesus Christ,

Ian and Czarinna Vincent